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First off, my link from yesterday is fixed. Go poke and help Silver out, if you can. Thank you, thank you.

Second, it's been a while since I did this but here, have a writi8ng meme (or rather, a few of them).

Stolen from [personal profile] thelinesoflearning

A. Comment with two characters (and optionally a prompt word), and I'll tell you about their first kiss in a drabble.

B. Everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something.
Give me a name and I will tell you what that person is afraid of, loves, and has lost.

C. Give me the title of a story I've never written and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, or something else that I want readers to know.

Fandoms: Cabin Pressure, Sherlock (BBC), Sanctuary (All but S4), Newsflesh (No Blackout spoilers), October Daye series, White Collar, Slings & Arrows, Dead Like Me,
Also, anyone off of my cast list or any of my original verses and if there's something that I'm not listing that you know if, that's up for poking too.
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So, I'm in the 'ideas are cheap' category of thought. Not that I think ideas are worthless, I just think there are so many of them out there. It's sad how many times I f8ind myself going onto Plurk or talking to my friends and then coming up with a random story idea that I'd like to see written.

And maybe that's what it is. It's not that ideas are cheap, it's not even that there are so many stories to be told that haven't been written yet, it's just that i love stories and I love the themes and ideas that I love, so it's easy for me to think of things that I want to see done with them.

If anyone knows me/has been around this journal for a while, they've seen the Giant List Of Stories To be Done. That keeps getting added to, there's not a month that goes by that I don't add something to the list, whether it's a piece of fanfiction (and yes, I am counting fanfiction because I find it good practice to help me flesh out themes and ideas I may want to later write in original fiction) or original fiction.

Right now I am staring at three ideas that I want to write, all of which have come to me since I came home and there's a fourth that came to mind just this morning. I'm not saying all of these ideas are great ones, I'm not saying that I'm striking go9ld every time, I just....it's curious to me how many stories I want to tell.

And that's not counting all the stories I do off of prompts. Of course a lot of those tend to be in verses already established but the ones that aren't usually come straight off of the prompt and have nothing to do with anything else. Sometimes they make their own verse, sometimes they don't but still

And I don't know, that's been my reflections on ideas. Not very interesting but I thought I'd share since it was on my mind.
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SO, I came up with an idea.

The Proud Summer. This summer, do one thing you are proud to say you've done. This is initially aimed at creative types, writers particularly but I want to expand this to whoever and whatever you want to do.

Some people are doing academic papers, I'm planning to teach myself how to write songs along with writing, people can do fandom relat3ed things, original stuff, travel, learn to dance or whatever you want.

The point is, to take the months of June, July and August and do something with them, something that you can look back on and say 'Yes, I am glad I did this'.

If you're interested in joining, the comm is [community profile] letthesummerin

What the comm is for:
- I will post a weekly check in post where people can gather and gab about how they are doing (or not doing), cheer each other on, commiserate or anything else
= You can post inspirational things, motivational things, or whatever you feel like might get the gears turning.
- You can also post progress on how you are doing, we especially encourage snippets/pictures/graphics/whatever.
- There is going to be an AIM chatroom open for the writers (or those who work well with insta-cummunication that you can hang out in, do timed writing, or whatever else you'd like. I'll try and be in there as much as I can and other people will surely drift in and out.
- Note that the chat is not an obligation and that if you are not comfortable, then please don't feel like you need to. If you want to run timed writing sessions through comments and posts, that is perfectly okay too. Do what is most comfortable for you.

And I think that is it! Feel free to ask questions and join the comm. I will make a welcome post over there in a few minutes and people should feel free to spam it and this post with whatever they'd like.
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Day of the week - Story: Summary of the story

Monday - Bargains: A retelling of Tam Lin with a polyamorous triad, more adventures in Faerie, a tragic ending and first person interludes around a third person story.

Tuesday - City/Roadtrip: Angels who are supposed to become heroes and don't really want to be, genderqueer zombies, magic dealers, fae, strippers, locations coming to life, a city of ghosts beneath the city of the living, vampires who bake for a living, Death running a bar and having a kitten, werewolves who are more like werehumans and roadtrips across the country to free trapped saints.

Wednesday - Radio: The world falls apart because the wrong story was told to the wrong people. Now, with the power of words, society is trying to build itself back up again but because the power is randomly distributed, it's not as easy as it seems.

Thursday - Book of Thursdays: The stories of an erotic writing group and the various things they do on Thursday nights, some things of which actually include writing!

Friday - A Trickster Wind: The love story between a coyote girl and a girl made of stone who comes alive under the light of the full moon and the love that that moon has for the two of them. Most likely a short story rather than a novel but I'd like to get it written all the same.

Saturday - And the Devil Makes Three: I have no idea what the plot is going to be for this other than the angelic apocalypse that happens when the war fought in heaven manages to trickle down to earth and a handful of angels, a psychic teashop owner, a writer, his boyfriend and a painter try to save the world and may or may not actually succeed.

Sunday - The Mundanes: I have absolutely no idea what this story would be or if it would be a collection of short stories. They are the angels of mundane things, stuff like coffee cups, hotel rooms and the space under the bed.

This is not including any of the random stories I will be writing for [community profile] rainbowfic, [community profile] origfic_bingo or anything else I wind up signing up for.

We'll see how well this actually works, I'm hoping that putting some kind of structure to my writing days will actually help me out. I'm planning to put in five, ten and fifteen minute intervals of writing and then seeing where I stand at that point. If I have the brain to keep going, I'll keep doing rounds of ten or fifteen minute writing sprints but if not, then the point is that I have added something to my wordcount each day.

I'm going to start this in May and we will see if it actually makes a difference or if I need to just keep puttering around without as much of a schedule.

I can take this off of my to=do list now! *spins*
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Let me introduce you all to me to-write list. It is a collection of things that have struck me as awesome ideas or prompted things i have gotten that I need to write. I don't know when (or if) I will ever get around to writing all of them but well, I thought i would share, since I was winging about words yesterday.

This does not count the stuff that actually gets written, just the stuff I mean tot write at one point or another. Most of hwat actually gets written is spur of the moment stuff that was never actually on this list. I'm bad at referencing it, thus stuff never gets written, but I do try and keep it vaguely up to date with ideas that cross my brain/things I'e been prompted with, so yes. i thought I would share.

Original stuff that needs to get written at some point or another )

Fanfiction including Sherlock, White Collar, Cabin Pressure and Sanctuary (plus combinations of the four) )
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Since I am doing prompts 9off of the prompt post, I thought I would link to it, in case anyone would like to add to it.

Prmpt poooost

Anyway, feel free to leave any sort of prompts, lyric/word/kink/phrase/pairing/whatever. I can work with just about anything. I know iI have a ton to get to but well, that is the point of doing this. So feelf ree to add to the pile

..yes, Mor. You count in this. XD <3
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So, I am opening up myself for writing prompts. Anything will do, though I was thinking of original fiction before I was planing anything finish but if you happen to know something you are interested in, go ahead and prompt me and I will see what I can do.

In a couple of days, hopefully when I finish all of the prompts that are given to me, I will post links to each story and then a tip jar. You don't have to pay to read any of the stories or anything, but dropping a dollar or two in the tip jar would b lovely.

So, go ahead! Leave me any sort of prompt you would like. i can write off of pictures, words, music, whatever you'd like. Just go ahead and leave me something and I will leave you something in return.
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I've been thinking about the book that I want to write, the YA one? I have two ideas that I could use from my general storage of plots that I want to work on and then a bunch of others that I as just tossing around but these are the ones that are more developed (i.e. have characters or anything).

The first: It would not be a romance but it would very much be a YA book, I think. The daughter of Life and Death sets off on an adventure to get back her parents. On the way she meets various personifactions and things of that like. Some of them are good, some of them are neutral and some of them are dark (but not exactly 'bad', just dark in nature). They help her save her parents and keep the universe in working order.

Relationship wise, I think there could be all sorts of people in all sorts of relationship that Belle meets. The personifacations would have no reason or real desire to conform to human standards of relationships or gender or...anything really.

So yeah, that's one option.

The other is a less developed story but is very much a love story. It's about a coyote girl and a girl who had been made of stone (not a girl who had been turned into stone but one who had previously been a statue and then forced into a human body). They fall in love and wander the world together. I know there's a fox involved in this universe and the personifacation of the moon but I don't know if they get involved with the girls or not. It would be about them falling in love and navigating the human world, both together and before they met.

So yeah, I don't know, I need to figure out what I am doing. I know there's no rush or anything, I just feel like I should work on this while I have the brain.
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So, I think I want to write a YA book.

Even more than that, I want to write YA paranormal romance.

I'm not that well versed in the genre, so I would have to do some reading first but several have the formula pointed out to me times over. (Hot boy plus clumsy girl, pus secrets, plus powers pus cliffhanger if you are shooting for a series).

I want to write a paranormal romance where the MC is confident, owning her powers and damn proud of who she is. I want the romance to be a poly romance. I want the clumsy, unsure one to maybe be the boy or maybe be someone who is just trying to disco7ver who they are, and that not be a cis person. I want powers that people k`now about and are proud of.

I want....I don't know. I just want something different. I want people to have the choice of reading a poly romance with supernatural abilities and confidence and all of that.

I don't know. I'[m still turning the idea around in my brain. I don't have any clue what it would be about and as I said, I need to read more, but yeah.

I would also take a YA paranormal romance where someone is asexual too. That would make me ahppy, The point here is that I want options, I want to give kids that window to see that it can just be more than hot boy plus clumsy girl. Just....yeah. I don't know.
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So, I've been in a writing mood lately which is not a bad thing. I've written something two nights in a row, which has not been happening as of late but I am hoping I can keep up. If not actually writing than perhaps working on something writing related. I don't know. I am going to see.

Anyway, I was wondering what sorts of programs and thins people use to help them along. I know Scrivener is popular but I can never wrap my head around it. I use PageFour myself and WriterMonkey. I know there are other programs and such out there too, plus things like Write Or Die and Written Kitten!

So yes, do you use any of those things? What things besides programs do you use? Do you have a timer that you break out every now and then? Do you have a special place you have to write in or can you write anywhere? What about reference books? What are your favorites to use?

Tell me about the things you use to hep you write! I'm curious and sleep deprived and think this could be fun to listen to. Plus you might be able to give someone else a bit of help.

Also, while I am thinking about it, talk about worldbuilding? Babble to me about how you attack worldbuilding and what resources you have on the subject. If there's any good things out there, especially for urban fantasy settings, let me know. This is in part for a friend of mine but I could use the information as well..
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Once upon a time there was a teashop and in that shop was a doorway. The doorway would lead anywhere and everywhere. People came through it and discovered strange and wonderful things, people they got along with, people they never knew and yet who shared their face and other things.

Along with a good cup of tea, of course.

Leave me a prompt, and I will write you a fic set in the teashop. If you want first time fic, just say so, if you want shipfic, just say so.

Note - although I left the it ambiguous, the shop is run by Jim Moriarty, so antics of various kinds, both questionable and not, may ensue. Feel free to keep that in mind when you prompt.
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NaNo: 28,641
Ni90: 10,595
Other words: 14,284
Total words this month: 53,520

Procrastination method of the day: Does traveling to California count as procrastinating? Cause I have been writing, I just...took a break. >> A break to go flying. Yeah, I don't know. XD
Music choices: Bells ringing. There are five cats around and all of them have bells on, plus my own. XD But besides that? The Magical Writing Playlist. One day i will possibly upload it, I am just lazy.

:D:D:D HIT 50K FUCK YESSSSS. This is a win, this is a total win. I'm still not winning on NaNo yet but still, I wrote 50k worth of words this month OLY CRAP!

yeah, I am kind of really thrilled about this, it makes me happy. :D:D:D

I will update on California tomorrow, I think, possibly later tonight if I am still awake but I am sleepy and lazy and want to curl up. We will see, we will see. But I defintiely want to show you guys the awesome masks [personal profile] avia made for us but I really do want to do an epic California post so yes.

Ho hum, ho hum. I just wanted to do a WC post before it got too late. So yes. Words. there have been them.
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NaNo: 28,641
Ni90: 10,595
Other words: 9,284
Total words this month: 48,520

Caffeine: Couple of cups. Not too much today. There's been a lot of filling up the coffee when it's half full though.
Procrastination method of the day: Everything
Music choices: The Pixie can't Sleep. Other things too but I have had that on repeat.

I have written:
Modern!Nikola's backstory
Helen and the Autumn queen
A nice little story about Legend and History

I am only happy with one of these things (The story about Legend and History). I am at that point where I am just writing to write. I should probably stop but I am so close to 50K overall that I feel I have to keep going. After I hit it, i think I am going to take a couple days break and write small, pretty things on Tumbler for a day or two and then see how that goes.

'Cause honestly? I just....kind of feel like I hate everything. I would rather be reading other people's fics and stories than writing my own. I feel like it's a better way to spend my time becuase I have no business writing.

That is probably the need for sleep talking but whatever. I will be better and writing again tomorrow.
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I am determined to do something with Helen Magnus and faeries.

Not only that, but now, after going back and watching Normandy for the umpteenth time, I am determined to do something with Helen Magnus and the Autumn Queen who stole her face. Or possibly the Bon Fire Queen.

Something, just...something with Helen and the fae. It will happen, damnit.
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NaNo: 26,691
Ni90: 10,595
Other words: 6,326
Total words this month: 43,621

Caffeine: I'm not even sure. It's been a lot of coffee.
Procrastination method of the day: Lots of things. Stuff and thin sin fact. All the stuff and things. but I did get stuff written so woosh!
Music choices: Sanctuary? Why yes, Sanctuary. And other things. My big writing playlist of writingness but Sanctuary has been on for tonight. Even though I didn't write tonight

So I have not updated in a while because I have not written very much. Mreh. I am definitely in the week two slump but I am working on it! Hopefully now that we are at the end of week two, I will be out of said slump and be back in the writing mode. We will see. Even if I don't though, I have decided to eb proud of how far I've gotten and how may words I've managed to get in this amount of time.
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NaNo: 20,979
Ni90: 10,595
Other words: 5,052
Total words this month: 36,626

Caffeine: 3 cups of coffee, 2 Cokes and a caffeine pill. Yeah, I might have a problem, so what?
Procrastination method of the day: DO breakdowns count as procrastination? EVERYTHING.
Music choices: A whole bunch of stuff, though I did focus a lot on Irish rock again.

So, here we are at week two and if I was counting my total amount of words this month, I would be SO CLOSE to finishing. But alas, I am not. Still, I am impressed with my word total and that is kind of nice.

What's not kind of nice is that I am having doubts about Is and Winter as main characters. I don't know if they should be the ones telling the story. I'm moreokay wtih Winter than I am with Is but just....Hi, these are the doubts I stat getting. I don't hate the stories themselves yet but that's becuase i've broken myself from looking back on things. I know there are a TON of mistakes in them but just...Yeah. I will wokr on that stuff later.

for now, I am just going to keep plugging along and hoping that I feel better about everyone tomorrow.
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NaNo: 16,759
Ni90: 9,342
Other words: 3,008
Total words this month: 29,109

Caffeine: 5 cups of coffee and 2 Cokes.
Procrastination method of the day: DO breakdowns count as procrastination? I don't think they do.
Music choices: Lots of industrial on River.

Oh god, today is fired. Today is so fired. I am glad it's over. I feel better than I felt before I took a nap later in the night but I still feel relatively shit now that I've been up for a while. I* did get all of my words though which is all that matters, so fuck yeah on that.

Now I am...going to see if I can sleep and, if not, then curl up with a book for a while.
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NaNo: 14,683
Ni90: 6,615
Other words: 3,008
Total words this month: 24,306

Caffeine: 3 cups of coffee and 2 Cokes.
Procrastination method of the day: A little bit of everything. I ad kind of all over the place..
Music choices: Quickmix on Pandora.

Wrote more Nikola Tesla/Henry Jekyll today along with my NaNo/Ni90. I keep meaning to switch over to my *actual* backup projects but that just does not seem like it is going to happen. I also wrote a crack short thing that involved modern era!college AU Five because it makes me happy. I don't know why else.

I have a write-in tomorrow where hopefully I will get words in but, if i don't, I am still ahead, so that is okay. I am going to try and get a little more ahead tomorrow night just in case but I don't know if it is going to happen, as I am at the part of the Road Trip story I know NOTHING about. Not that I knew a lot about City exactly but I know the general gist of City whereas with Road Trip, I am going to be pulling out my Tarot cards soon and having them direct the story.

I kind of wanted to stay up and do more writing than what I got today but I am getting really fuzzyheaded and I think I am going to put on a movie or something and just curl up for a while. I dont know. We will see. I wish I had S3 of Sanctuary, cause I would put that on right now.
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So, I am not allowed to add more thins to my list this month. That is not the point here. I just...was looking at a meme that's going around about fairy tales and the way the swan princess one was worded makes me really want a version of the story where the swan is cursed to be a human at night and only love can break the curse. Not love for her human body but love for her wild heart.

I don't know, I just think I would like that version of the meme more. Or something. I don't know. Words, I have them but they are sparse.

*trots back to trying to get Cityverse words*


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