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I am trying to get the brain to write and it is not working. I find this terribly irritating since I know what I want to work on right now (the next section of the Spice novel) but I can't shake the fogginess from my head.

All I really want to do is go back to bed but I tried that already and it did not work. I've tried coffee and the caffeine has let me down. I think I might go take a shower in a few minutes and see if that helps any.

So, in the spirit of trying to get my brain to work, here's a meme.

1) Go to [community profile] timeisastory and look at the cast lists.
2) Either ask me a question or leave me a prompt (or more if you're a crazy person like Alex).
3) Profit.

I will take any sort of prompts and I'm seriously considering whipping out iTunes and trying to write off the random songs that pop up until I can get my brain in order to do longer things.
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So, I've been spending a lot of time over at DW and I've decided that I'm going to set up camp. I'm not completely ditching LJ, as it has a bigger RP pase here and I still have plenty of friends but my personal base of operations will be over at DW. In case you don't have me friended there and are interested, my DW is whatawaytoburn

Like I said, I'm also moving my writing over there, so I decided to compile a list of comms and journals for anyone who might be interested in keeping up with what I'm doing on a writing level. Anything with original content will at least be partly locked if not entirely so I advise you to join the comm/friend the journal if you want to see that. The cast lists and fanfiction will be open for anyone to see though.

Information comms:
Cast list and original verse notes: [community profile] timeisastory
(I'll leave the cast lists unlocked but any and all notes on verses will be members only)

Writing comms:
Spices: [community profile] thesumofourburning
(Story about a group of creatures that posses and take over human bodies. They name themselves after spices and try and make a go at living on Earth and dealing with the various supernatural and not-so-supernatural issues that come their way.)

Cityverse: [community profile] inthecitylights
(You guys should know this one already but for the sake of consistency: An angel trying to seek a normal life gets roped into a vampire and a werewolf's attempts at creating an ultimate urban fantasy hero. Includes crack, chosen families, narcoleptics, ghosts, strippers BDSM and an aspect of death being a tiny Asian girl.)

Origianl fiction: [personal profile] thisisnomyth
(Miscellaneous orrigianl fiction)

Fanfiction: [personal profile] amythorthree
(What it says on the tin)

If you have any questions or want to poke me about a verse or anything at all, feel free. I love to ramble about writing and god knows I could talk for days about any of the stuff linked.
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So, I managed to edit Claudia's story and now I'm in the right frame of mind to do a little bit more. What this means is that I'm finally going back to the Spice novel and am going to start working on that again. I'm going to probably give them a new journal here in DW and start fresh but I've been in the mood to work on big projects and considering that I actually got stuff written for them when I tried doing NaNo, it's the right sort of thing for my brain to concentrate on.

We never wound up going to the flea market today, y the by, it was just too hot. Sofu did buy fruit tarts though and they were quite tasty. We're going to the bookstore when the storm lets up and I'm going to try tagging when I get there.

If nothing else, I am not letting myself get a pumpkin latte until after I have done round of tags.

I think I had more to say but my brain is not working. I will try and do the writing meme later tonight and possibly redo my profile and a project list post.
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I will not write Caraway/Oscar Wilde. I will not, I will not, I will not.

...Even if I have the icons to back this up. I lied, I meant to say screencaps BUT I MADE MYSELF AN ICON, DAMNIT!
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That? Makes me insanely happy, I'm not even kidding you. Just....*happyflail*

And in my glee, I forgot to mention that Sey was the one who made it for me and is wonderful and shiny and worthy of flailing over herself.
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So, in honor of me getting Thistle and Thyme on the cast list (even if I still haven't written the phonecall and thus haven't had the chance to get them even MENTIONED In the story proper) I thought I would do a meme

1. Pick one or more of my characters.
2. Pick one (or as many as you'd like) number(s) from between 1 and 100.
3. I'll answer the corresponding question from The 100 Most Important Things To Know About Your Character in the requested character's point of view

To keep with the theme of NaNo productivity, I'm shoving my NaNo cast list at you and hoping you might pick one of them.  Obviously you don't have to, god knows there's plenty of boys and girls you might choose, but I figure I should at least try and keep being productive with this verse.


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