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Let me introduce you all to me to-write list. It is a collection of things that have struck me as awesome ideas or prompted things i have gotten that I need to write. I don't know when (or if) I will ever get around to writing all of them but well, I thought i would share, since I was winging about words yesterday.

This does not count the stuff that actually gets written, just the stuff I mean tot write at one point or another. Most of hwat actually gets written is spur of the moment stuff that was never actually on this list. I'm bad at referencing it, thus stuff never gets written, but I do try and keep it vaguely up to date with ideas that cross my brain/things I'e been prompted with, so yes. i thought I would share.

Original stuff that needs to get written at some point or another )

Fanfiction including Sherlock, White Collar, Cabin Pressure and Sanctuary (plus combinations of the four) )
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Things I need to do today/this week:
- Go through my DW tags and reorganize them.
- Do RP tags
- Finish the tarot readings I owe and then consider doing a free Three Card Draw day to thank people for being awesome.
- Go through the edits that have been given to me and make changes.
- Write the Cabin Pressure Exchange fic.
- Write for [community profile] rainbowfic
- Look through the Zombie fest prompts and see if there's anything I want to write.
- Review for [community profile] rainbowfic
- Start planning for people's gifts for being awesome and helping Morgan out.
- Poke my damn ukulele. I've been doing this on and off lately but I'm not really putting in the effort I need to.
- Clean my room. (started, need to finish)
- Make a list of my TBR, at least the next five books in my TBR.
- Make a list of my current reads.

- Determine what I am doing about Rory.
- Figure out if I am doing that 100 Things challenge that's going around. I am sorely tempted but I don't know what I would talk about. If anyone has suggestions, let me know.

This is all assuming my mental health does not go down the drain as it is prone to doing. I would like to accomplish something this week. I just...don't know if it will happen. *laughs* I am doing well so far which is exciting, I just don't know if it will hold out. I guess we'll see.

On the other hand, I have been getting sleep lately, which is a big help in keeping me sane. Now assuming I don't get triggered badly, have a random spike of suck or have something like Molly (who is doing better, in case anyone's wondering), I should be fine.
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We are ten days into National Poetry Month and I have yet to do anything to celebrate it. As a lover of words, I find this a crime.

So, that means I'm poking you lot! Leave me a prompt and I will write you a poem of some kind.

Also, I reserve the right to turn any prompt into a short story, if it doesn't work out in poetry form.
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So, I went on Etsy and found myself a writing candle. What this basically means is that it will be a candle that I burn only while writing. I don't know if it will work or not but I thought it was worth a shot.

(This idea originally brought to you by [personal profile] mortalcity, I just happen to think it's nifty.)

I also have an editing candle that I will start burning once I manage to finish something and need help getting through the editing process but I very much feel that is an editing candle and would not work for writing. I don't know how I can explain it but yes, it is.

Anyway, the writing candle is in the shape of a skull and, once i get it, I will be taking a sharpie to it and start writing all over the thing. I don't know what will be written on it yet but things! Then, once I'm done, I will only burn it when I am trying to write.

I wrote something that I put on Tumblr earlier that I am trying to figure out if I want to post here. I feel like the fact that I want to post it means I should and even though I follow a very different crowd of people on here, I should not let myself be censored by my own awkwardness, especially because everyone who's around here knows me, knows who I am and how I identify.

I don't know. *shiftshift* I'm just an awkward cat.

I think there are other things I mean to say I just have no ide3a what they are. I should be reading more, I should be writing more, I should be using the word 'should' less and I can't sleep. That is the summation of my life and no one was surprised.
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Someone please remind me that I do not have the time or the energy to go over Cityverse and Roadtrip right now. I am dead tired and am going to hate everything even if it doesn't deserve to be hated.

(Which it probably will but whatever).

I will not, I will not, I will not....

*goes to close tabs and find something else to do, damnit*
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I've been thinking about the book that I want to write, the YA one? I have two ideas that I could use from my general storage of plots that I want to work on and then a bunch of others that I as just tossing around but these are the ones that are more developed (i.e. have characters or anything).

The first: It would not be a romance but it would very much be a YA book, I think. The daughter of Life and Death sets off on an adventure to get back her parents. On the way she meets various personifactions and things of that like. Some of them are good, some of them are neutral and some of them are dark (but not exactly 'bad', just dark in nature). They help her save her parents and keep the universe in working order.

Relationship wise, I think there could be all sorts of people in all sorts of relationship that Belle meets. The personifacations would have no reason or real desire to conform to human standards of relationships or gender or...anything really.

So yeah, that's one option.

The other is a less developed story but is very much a love story. It's about a coyote girl and a girl who had been made of stone (not a girl who had been turned into stone but one who had previously been a statue and then forced into a human body). They fall in love and wander the world together. I know there's a fox involved in this universe and the personifacation of the moon but I don't know if they get involved with the girls or not. It would be about them falling in love and navigating the human world, both together and before they met.

So yeah, I don't know, I need to figure out what I am doing. I know there's no rush or anything, I just feel like I should work on this while I have the brain.
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So, I think I want to write a YA book.

Even more than that, I want to write YA paranormal romance.

I'm not that well versed in the genre, so I would have to do some reading first but several have the formula pointed out to me times over. (Hot boy plus clumsy girl, pus secrets, plus powers pus cliffhanger if you are shooting for a series).

I want to write a paranormal romance where the MC is confident, owning her powers and damn proud of who she is. I want the romance to be a poly romance. I want the clumsy, unsure one to maybe be the boy or maybe be someone who is just trying to disco7ver who they are, and that not be a cis person. I want powers that people k`now about and are proud of.

I want....I don't know. I just want something different. I want people to have the choice of reading a poly romance with supernatural abilities and confidence and all of that.

I don't know. I'[m still turning the idea around in my brain. I don't have any clue what it would be about and as I said, I need to read more, but yeah.

I would also take a YA paranormal romance where someone is asexual too. That would make me ahppy, The point here is that I want options, I want to give kids that window to see that it can just be more than hot boy plus clumsy girl. Just....yeah. I don't know.
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So, I've been in a writing mood lately which is not a bad thing. I've written something two nights in a row, which has not been happening as of late but I am hoping I can keep up. If not actually writing than perhaps working on something writing related. I don't know. I am going to see.

Anyway, I was wondering what sorts of programs and thins people use to help them along. I know Scrivener is popular but I can never wrap my head around it. I use PageFour myself and WriterMonkey. I know there are other programs and such out there too, plus things like Write Or Die and Written Kitten!

So yes, do you use any of those things? What things besides programs do you use? Do you have a timer that you break out every now and then? Do you have a special place you have to write in or can you write anywhere? What about reference books? What are your favorites to use?

Tell me about the things you use to hep you write! I'm curious and sleep deprived and think this could be fun to listen to. Plus you might be able to give someone else a bit of help.

Also, while I am thinking about it, talk about worldbuilding? Babble to me about how you attack worldbuilding and what resources you have on the subject. If there's any good things out there, especially for urban fantasy settings, let me know. This is in part for a friend of mine but I could use the information as well..
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*headdesk* I have writing I need to do. I have fics that I owe that are already overdue and I have fics that I should really be working on before they get too backed up that I never do them and I have tags that really ought to get done (thoguh, at least I called hiatus so no one is *really*( waiting for those at the moment).

Instead, I think I am going to watch Doctor Who in preparation for the new series.


In other news, I''m still sickm, my sleeping schedule has gone to hell and I'm not actually going to see my psychologist until the fifth of next moth. So, guess I was wrong about that one. Oh well.
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Fun quote of the day.

[In the middle of a longer discussion on headvoices and mental health professionals assigning them to various parts of my psyche.]

Me: So, what's Eleanor Rigby?
Alex: The music in your soul.
Me: ....What are the Drums?
Alex: The other half of the music in your soul!

Besides that I have nothing of real interest to report. I went to Ybor on Saturday and that was fun. There was a music festival going on and they were playing things that made us happy.

I did, however, manage to sprain my ankle Saturday night. As you can imagine, this is not as happy-making. I'm doing okay, though the skin around the swelling is giving me a bit of trouble. Sofu's coming by later tonight with ace bandages and a nice blanket for me, so I suppose things could be worse.

Also, the storm that's been going in and out all day has made things much better than they could be.

I have a boatload of tags that need to be done, more writing that I should do and various other things but for the next few days, I predict that I shall be existing on the couch or the floor watching things or zoning out to music. We shall see though. If I get pain meds, then there's half a chance I will be up and about.

But yes, that's about all. I shall...I don't know, go off and consider food. Food sounds like a good plan
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- Two bags (one for general use and one for clothes and stuff when I go to spend the night at Sofu's)
- Edward Scissorhands
- A cook book
- An MP3 player (I deem her post-Serenity River)
- Two pairs of socks
- A bottle of perfume
- Body lotion
- A robe
- Four packages of tiny coffee
- A box of mints
- A stuffed unicorn
- A few sweets

Glad everything is said and done. Holidays are nice but I hate running around and it's nice to know that I will be back at home this time tomorrow.

Doctor Who happens at one point or another tomorrow and I'm considering making more brownies for the occasion, if only cause I figure they will be tasty and a consolation if the ep sucks.

Going to try and write something before I go to bed tonight since I'm not that tired. I've got things in mind, so we'll see how that goes. Worst comes to worst, I'm going to poke at old prompts.
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Dear Brain,

I should not be forced to choose between tag!you and fic!you. I should be able to have both and switch between them whenever I'd like.

You, however, do not feel this way and I think you should know that not only is it very inconvenient but it's flat out unfair.

No love,
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So, haven't written any today but I wrote a ton last night, so I don't feel guilty yet. Besides, there's been something kicking around in my head for today anyway, so I'm sure I'll wind up pinning that down before the end of the night.

Also! the small fandom fic fest is going on, so you should go submit prompts! I can already see myself writing for a fw of the CM prompts and probably one or two of the S&A ones but hopefully I'll think of stuff to actually submit there.

Also? This has once again reminded me that I shold really try and watch Burn Notice sometime.

Now I'm going to go drown my brain in tea while thinking of various fic that needs to be written, both by me and other people. Good times.


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