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Notes: Written in [community profile] andthedevilmakesthree-verse in an AU that we ahve affectionately dubbed Pollyverse after the song. Please note that there are allusions of sexual violence but nothing overt. Questioning of identity and whether someone really 'exists' or not is also involved.

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Notes: Themes of kidnapping, forced confinement, breaking down of an identity, sexual violence (though it is only very lightly implied). Takes place in an AU of [community profile] andthedevilmakesthree

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Let me introduce you all to me to-write list. It is a collection of things that have struck me as awesome ideas or prompted things i have gotten that I need to write. I don't know when (or if) I will ever get around to writing all of them but well, I thought i would share, since I was winging about words yesterday.

This does not count the stuff that actually gets written, just the stuff I mean tot write at one point or another. Most of hwat actually gets written is spur of the moment stuff that was never actually on this list. I'm bad at referencing it, thus stuff never gets written, but I do try and keep it vaguely up to date with ideas that cross my brain/things I'e been prompted with, so yes. i thought I would share.

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Fanfiction including Sherlock, White Collar, Cabin Pressure and Sanctuary (plus combinations of the four) )
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Guess what time it is, kids!

Cast list time!

because obviously I don't have enough projects to work on and I don't put off enough of them as is, I added another to the mess. I am doing this lot for [community profile] origfic_bingo though. And it's a shared verse, so people should go over and encourage [personal profile] chasethecloudsaway. to go write some for the verse and add to the awesome.


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