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Today was spent sleeping and tagging. I meant to do other things, go to my aunt's place for example, but I didn't wake up properly until 4 in the afternoon and then I just did not feel like leaving.

I needed the sleep though, what with the night before and the sheer fail that came with sleep.

I am going to go back to doing tags in a second and then maybe try and find a place to download movies. I've been in a movie mood lately and I can go curl up with coffee and watch some on the nice big screen I have.

Writing meme: day 3 )
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So, writing up a listy type entry before my meds kick in.

1) We are not moving! This is a good thing since we had no plan and no real money but now that's not a problem! We need to go renew the lease this week but that's happening on Monday.

2) Saw the psychiatrist and am now on new meds which should hopefully not leave me feeling like I'm going to sink into the couch. So far the only downside I can really find is that my body is TIRED. Like, obscenely so. I'm hoping it's just new med type things but bah, who knows.

3) I've been poking [livejournal.com profile] app_this_plz all day, both advertising for [livejournal.com profile] embassylaments> and looking at games.

4) The embassy did have an open post today. I suggest everyone go over to [livejournal.com profile] embassylamets> and check it out. Maybe we'll be shiny and interesting enough for you to join. Maybe? EH, I can hope.

5) Put in an application for [livejournal.com profile] realityshifted> today, so we'll see how that goes. I haven't written any sot of app in over a year, so I'm kinda nervous. *shiftyshifty*

6) Tomorrow we need to go to the store and hopefully there shall be cookies. Mmm, cookies. We have maple nut icing that I really want to eat with cookies, so I'm really hoping for sweets.

And...I think that's it. I'm pretty sure there were other things but well, another post.
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So, eight in the morning sees me awake, exhausted and waiting for my mother to pick me up. The urge to sleep is a little overwhelming but the prospect of A) money and B) groceries is going to keep me awake, at least until I can get caffeine.

I haven't had much tagbrain lately but I've actually managed to write two fics this week, each longer than I expected. It's actually really nice, since my writingbrain has been utter fail lately.

Okay, going to try and tag into a post, then packing everything up and hopefully heading out.


Dec. 4th, 2009 06:23 am
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After conversing with [livejournal.com profile] allaroughdraft a few days ago and [livejournal.com profile] dreamingofmab tonight, I have come to the conclusion that there needs to be something in my life.

A post.

A party post.

So, I present to you!

The holiday post of fun and silly and awesome!

Come! Spam! Give me good things to wake up to!
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So, I have met my writing goal for the day, updated the character list and finally made my original fic journal ([livejournal.com profile] insummerstorms) Today has been productive.

<< Also, if you happen to look at the character list, say nothing about the insane amount of Who verses I have, we are not talking about it.

Today was also my last day of Abnormal Psych. I am....kind of sad about this. Kind of really said. I like that class, I like that teacher. Between that class and Human Services, I definitely preferred this one.

Oh well, I ge Behaviour Modification in the summer. I will not complain!
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So, I did eventually overcome my brain last night and make it work for both tags AND writing! It was quite a victory, I have to say.

Now I'm trying to write some more and do organizational things which is...eh. We''ll talk about that later. However, I have spent most of the day in the comfort and warmth of my bed with my cats. It has been lovely.

And there's tea, tea is good.

I could definitely do without the random coughing fits though. Seriously, any time those want to stop, I'd be grateful.

This post was random and really, just a way to put things off. Oh well.


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