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So, ofr the next few days, I am offering $10 three card draws and am willing to do other kinds of spreads for those who may need them in exchange for donating to this nice group of folks over here

If $10 is too much for you, I will do one and two card draws for however much you are willing to donate.

The decks I have on hand are:
Cats Eye Tarot
Tarot Of Trees
Halloween Tarot
Fallen Angel Oracle
Faerie Oracle

Pleaseplease signal boost this and help me A) get better with my cards and B) help out a brilliant group of people who shine like stars.
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Because people were all too brilliant to [personal profile] chasethecloudsaway, I have decided to do a free three card draw day. For the net twenty four hours ending at 8:30 EST tomorrow I will happily pull cards for either the Tarot OF Trees or the Cats Eye Tarot.

I'm not asking for donation or anything, not this time. People have been more than kind to us lately and this is just my way of giving back.
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Aurora and Vincent have been hanging out over the shoulder today and we were all talking about tarot and how I've not been working on it as of late, soooo...

Free one card draws!

If anyone is interested in more than a one card draw, I can see about pulling up prices but I figure that most people will just want one card. However, if anyone would like to prove me wrong, please feel free!

Also, if anyone would like to leave tips, let me know, as I am happily taking them.
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So, there is a wonderful post over at [community profile] crowdfunding with three wonderful people who are doing tarot readings for Friday the 13th.

I thought this was a really nifty idea and between that and two shiny new decks coming in the mail, I thought i would oin the bandwagon (though I claim no association with them,, just stealing their idea and offering it out to my friends).

If you want to get readings from them, the ink is here

If you want to get a one card draw from me, just leave a comment and I will pull a card for you.

If you feel so inclined, you can poke me about donating but I'm not really bothering with that right now. I am in a good financial spot (hence new decks!) and understand that not everyone is. So yes.
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So, this is a call for well, a bit of money, I'm afraid.

I am going to California for Thanksgiving and I would really like to have some extra money with me so I am not bumming off of the kindness of [personal profile] avia and her friends.

I have enough money for the plane ticket, that's no problem at this point but I don't really have any other money and I would like to have twenty dollars or something, possibly more really if i can get it, to have with em in case I need it.

So, this is what I am doing.

I am doing card pulls from one of four decks
- The Tarot of Trees
- The Dark Angel Tarot
- The Faerie Oracle
- The Fallen Angel Oracle

! card = $1 and 2 cards = $2 and so on and so forth.


I will write you a 300 word story for $2 or a 600 word story for $4 dollars and well, again, you get the idea.

Just leave a prompt of some kind and I will see what i can do. I will be putting these stories in front of NaNoWriMo, so you will get them sooner, I promise.

Oh, i will also write poems for $1 but I have less faith in those.

So yes, just....If you could spare a few dollars and would like something nifty from me, please leave a little donation and I will be so, so grateful for it. And if y9ou could signal boost this, I would love you forever and ever.


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