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So, while listening to my book rec podcast, I've also been poking a bit at my NaNo. I ahve a lot of things gathered up and saved either on the computer and in my head but I realized that I didn't utilize something that was right in front of me.

You guys!

So, I come forth with a question for one and all: What are your favorite urban fantasy tropes and, for that matter, what are some of your least favorite?

My NaNo this year, amongst other things, is going to be poking at all of those tropes and twisting them around to hopefully be something new. It was supposed to be a satire but I'm not entirely sure it falls into that genre anymore.

So yes, drop by and tell me about the things you love and hate about the subgenre and help be inspiration!
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Okay, so for the last several weeks I've been tossing around the idea of writing a book. Now, for anyone who knows me, I generally toss around t idea of writing a book but y'know. Anyway, this book isn't my usual brand, this book would have interviews in it.

I have six questions I've been asking people, mostly random people on the street (yay signs!) but I figured I would ask my flist and that like, see what they have to say when it comes to answers.

So, here are the questions and I would really love if you answered them. Anon is on, IP is off and, if you want to tell people about this, it would be kind of awesome.

1) In what special ways do you personally express love?
2) Tell us about things you love, it doesn't matter what it is, I just want you to talk about things that you love.
3) What agreements do you and your partner have that, if broken, would cause you to leave? Or, if you aren't in any sort of relationship, what are the agreements that you think you would leave someone over.
4) What do you make of polyamory?
5) Is physical attractiveness a factor in falling in love with someone?
6) What is the most unusual place you've had sex?
7) When was the last tie you had sex so spontaneously that you couldn't have guessed it fifteen minutes prior.
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So, here's a random question for you all.

Is there a comm or some such thing that keeps track of all the fic fests/big bangs/that sort of thing that go on? I know they pop up every so often (the fests, not the comm) and I was just wondering if there was something that did announcements even if it was just the starting/ending of submissions posts for them.

If not, how do you wind up finding out about various fic-writing things such as that?
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Two things: The wee laptop I am currently using now has a name, as does my desktop.

The laptop: Mr. Croup
The desktop: Mr Vandemar.

However, they are not the resson I'm making this entry. I have a question for you flist. Could anyone possibly identity this bird? )

My mother brought him into my room about an hour ago and we are trying to figure out what to do with him. He was found on our doorstep aking quite a fuss and we don't want t let him go since it seems he can't fly and we have two cats that frequent our front yard, along with whatever else may spot him and decide he looks tasty.

So yes, any help at all would be appreciated.
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So, I want everyone to think of interesting and slightly unusual ways to die and leave them in the comments.

Don't ask why, it will be explained later.
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Did my post last night show up on your flist? Alex says it didn't show up on hers and now I'm wondering if that's going on with anyone else.


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