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So! Here I am, linking things that I am finally getting around to using.

Scenes On Screens - The other blog I am going to try and maintain. (I didn't want to say something until I put up a few things). It's going to be about stories but because that's such a wide genre, that.....really means it could be about anything. It really depends on what I am in the mood. I am going to try and update it at least most days but we will see.

Goodreads - I am trying to use this more, though I don't know if I am going to. I'm hoping though!
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I keep trying to get the brain to do things and it's not really working so instead of doing useful thing, I am going to pass along links.

Carina Press is looking for submissions. - I was poking around my network and stumbled across this. I thought I would pass it on, as I know I've got writers on my various lists.

Speaking of writers...

A call for prompts from authors - Every wanted a scene of yours illustrated? Well, here's the chance to offer up something you think would make an awesome illustration. I thought it was kind of neat, at least, so I decided to pass along the link. I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to suggest. I need to poke around my writing and see if I can come up with something.

I am getting better, by the way. I can go through almost an entire day without coughing too much and my sleep is odd but that's mostly due to the fact that I'm still oversleeping.

This week is going to involve a psych appointment, going to Social Security and going to the apartment complex that I've got my eyes on. Two of these things are happening on Friday and then the other stuff is happening...whenever I get around to making the appointment. We shall see.

I've started listening to Gaiman stories; first going through the collected short stories that aren't actually Fragile Things, Smoke And Mirrors. I'm then going to finally listen to Stories because I have not listened to that yet and then....I don't know. We'll see where I wind up going. I might wind up doing American Gods, since I keep meaning to go back and reread it.

And that's all I've got. I keep meaning to make a list of writing pro0jects I need to get done before July but I have yet to actually do it. Maybe I'll give that a shot tomorrow.
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At the con I managed to collect a number of links and names to look up later. Since Alex and I need to exchange this information, I thought I would just type everything up and make a post. There will be a general con report coming later and an author pimp post (though I've not read any of them yet, they will just be names of people who sound awesome), though I'm not sure if those will come today or tomorrow. We shall see how my brain feels for the rest of the day.

I should also state that this list may be added to as I go through the flyers that I collected. What you see before you is simply the list of things I took down on note cards and nothing more. If it looks like there are going to be a lot of additions, the flyers may just get their own post.

The Chromatics
Coyote Run (No link that I found)
Boogie Knights
Julie Brown
Firebird Arts And Music

Cemetery Dance
Dragon Moon Press
Create Space
Smash Words
[Writing critique]
Gabrielle Edits

The Witches Brew
Enchanted Earth
Meet Up
All World Acres


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