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So, obviously LJ has been acting up quite a bit as of late and I thought I would link to my DW and a few other places just in case things keep up.

My Dreamwidth
My Twitter
My Plurk

Feel free to friend/add/whatever you'd like and I'll happily add you back.

Also, if you're interested in getting a DW and are having trouble finding an invite code, feel free to nab any of these.

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So, in a fit of 'Oh god, oh god, I'm thinking too much. Quick! DO something mind numbing!' I've revamped the journal again. I've been meaning to do this theme for a while now, considering I adore the poem my username is from and it has lovely lines from it.

Also, if you are friended by me again? that would be because I fail and accidental de-friended you when I was cleaning up my flist, pay no mind do it.

And now I am going to tag all the entries that need them and resist the urge to redo all of my icons.
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So, I have a newnew layout thanks to the every-wonderful Sey. It pleases me way, WAY too much and just...Yes. It's pretty and lovely and I adore her for it. I think the only way it could be better is if it were Master/Oscar. XD

[livejournal.com profile] theformofstars GO. Look at it.

Classes have been okay. I've continued to dislike theater but thorougly enjoy my psych classes and think that comp is a waste of time.

And here, because it's that time of year again.

My Valentinr - theformofstars
Get your own valentinr
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Layout and icon change, woosh! Also redid the userinfo which makes me feel better.

I personally think you all should go and look. [livejournal.com profile] theformofstars

Also! I finally moved fanfic journals, or rather, I posted and archived stuff on the new journal which is [livejournal.com profile] mutemonolouges I'm going to friend people at one point or another but it's there if you want to poke at it.

Edit: Also, for lulz and great justice I wound up making a new AIM too argyleinaction Yes, I"m a freak, I know. I'm probably not switching permanently but well, thought I'd get it out there.
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Things I did do today:
- Write for Nano (Oh Caraway, I swear I'll write you a happyhappy piece soon...Maybe)
- Catch up on everyone else's Nano. (Unless someone's updated since the last time I did the rounds.
- sleep
- Re-do my profile because I am a sheep..

...Eh, so it wasn't that productive a day. I'll deal.
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So, I actually did it! *proud*

I plan to be on this journal for a while because even though it hasn't been that much work, I think I absolutely hate switching. Plus I haven't even started friending/re-joining communities.

More for my own reference than anyone else, if it turns out there ever needs to be backtracking of any kind, [livejournal.com profile] cameraneverlies is the place to go. I hope I don't wind up forgetting my own old LJ names but *shrug* You never know with me.

I need to get this journal a layout soon.


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