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I am.

I am genderqueer. I am mentally ill. I am multiple. I am legally blind. I am fat. I am tall. I am polyamorous. I am asexual. I am kinky.

I am a writer. I am a poet. I am a storyteller. I am a muse. I am a sounding board. I am an enabler. I am a procrastinater.

I am also nonhuman.

I am a child of Winter and Autumn and I am a harvest ghost. I am winged, pawed, clawed and tailed. I am a creature of the fires and a creature of shadows and one of the dark, quiet places in the corners of your home.

I am a creature of heart, spirit and I am fae. I am a forest girl, I am a fire child and I am a son of the storms and the lightning.

And I live it. All of it. I live it every day, I breath it, I feel it, I dance in it, I sing it, I scream it, I shout it, and I whisper it quietly to myself.

My name is Charley and this is who I am.

If I friended you for any reason, it’s because I think you're interesting, or perhaps it’s because I think you make beautiful things. The point is, I amire you in some fashion. Even those who I consider friends, I admire in some way. I think that I know talented, marvelous people and I treasure them and their friendship.

Please feel free to leave a comment here saying hi if you’re friending me. I’d love to talk with you and say hello. I understand if you’re shy though, I am that as well, so don’t feel obligated and please, if you find my journal to not be of interest, don’t worry about de-friending me. I don’t mind.

Other ways to get in contact with the cat:
- AIM: livelifeinflame
- Skype: whatawaytoburn
- Email: toomanytongues(at)gmail(dot)com
- Plurk: spareusadream
- Other DW: [personal profile] driveustobemad This journal contains triggery topics, talk of headmates, bad days and other things that I may not feel comfortable with on the main journal. Feel free to friend at will.
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So, since I've got new people following me on DW, I thought I would type up a little introduction, one that's vaguely more informative than what I said on the friending mem.

So, here we go! )


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