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So, ofr the next few days, I am offering $10 three card draws and am willing to do other kinds of spreads for those who may need them in exchange for donating to this nice group of folks over here

If $10 is too much for you, I will do one and two card draws for however much you are willing to donate.

The decks I have on hand are:
Cats Eye Tarot
Tarot Of Trees
Halloween Tarot
Fallen Angel Oracle
Faerie Oracle

Pleaseplease signal boost this and help me A) get better with my cards and B) help out a brilliant group of people who shine like stars.
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I know i should do a real update but this matters more.

A friend of mine who lives in the LA area neds a place for this dog to stay for a while. he's looking for a place to live but wvarious things are getting in his way and if something doens't happen with the dog soon, he's going to have to give her up.

None of us really want that for him.

So, i was wondering if there was anyone around the area that might be able to help out and take her in for a while until Ryan gets settled.
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A dear, dear friend of mine is looking for work. They have all manner of skills and are looking for any type of work they can do over the internet.

Some thing that are mentioned:
- Writing
- Researching
- Editing
- Doing simple edits for video/audio
- Setting up simple web pages
- putting togethr ePubs.

Prices will be negotiated depending on the work at hand.

Please, please, please, spread the word.
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This is a fundraiser to help a family. I know I've gotten people to be very kind to people I know before but I'm hoping that, maybe, I can get you all to be nice and kind and brilliant to me again. but

My mother recently took a pay cut which, in and of itself, is not that big of a deal. We have enough money to survive and even a little money to help out my aunt and her husband.

But not enough.

My aunt is physically disabled and in the process of getting SSi8, my uncle, who had a job, god fired several months ago over an incident that involved his son. Right now, they have three children, none of them old enough to actually get a job on their own.

Their car recently gave out and the woman whose home they've been renting is dealing with her brother dying of cancer and is flying to and from Alaska, thus she can't really help them the way she had been before.

My uncles other son, the one who isn't one of my aunt's children and living with them, just had a child and he's having to deal with the fact that he cant' be there to help support that child.

It's just a big mess, really.

The main thing I am trying to do is get enough money to pay for a car. We can skim our finds over and help them make rent and food but not having a car cripples any ability my uncle has of going out and looking for work and none of the kids are on a business. Right now, they are getting by with my mother's car whenever she can give it up but it's terribly difficult.

My goal is $2,000. I understand that it's a lot of money and I don't expect to get all of it but that is the amount I am trying to get between myself, my mother and anything I can do through the internet. It would hopefully be enough to get them a car and be enough that they have some money to help with the living expensies.

I know, I know it's asking a lot but even if you can't donate, please, please signal boost this as much as you can. I really want to be able to help people I care about.

Edit: After fiddling around a bit and some helpful donations, we have $780 dollars. Some of that needs to go to taking care of a bank issue if I can't get it worked out but that's how much we were able to dig up from bacially...everywhere. I'm still hoping to reach my inital goal but I thought I would give an update.


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