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My mother and I just had a conversation for about three minutes where the world has fallen apart and we were two of a handful of survivors. She was going to go out and look for supplies and I was supposed to keep the house safe from anyone else overrunning it.

The plague episode of Sanctuary is playing in the background.

Yeah, I don't even know. *shrug*
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Okay, so after this I head off to bed but I thought my day deserved an entry.

Yes, it was that epic.

The short version is this list of places in this exact order: therapy, grandmother, hospital, grandmother's, hospital, aunts, smother's, aunt's, Kmart, mother's, Walmart, home.

I feel like the full story would be better told in list form, so we're just gonna go ahead and do that now.

-Went to therapy.
-Got out of therapy at 4pm.
-Got dropped off at my grandmothers house.
-Found a puppy and helped him get a home.
-At around 5pm we find out that I have no way of getting back to my house. My mother got a tooth infection from hell and was at the hospital getting pain meds and antibiotics pumped into her.
-My aunt picks up my mother and drops her off.
-She picks us up and takes us to get my mother's car from the hospital.
-My mother locked the keys in the car.
-We go back to my grandmothers house and my aunt goes back to her house to pick up her family (no, I have no idea why)
-She comes back and I can't go with them to get the car.
-Half way there they turn around and decide that actually, there's enough room in the car and I CAN come.
-My aunt drops us off and leaves.
-We realize that the car desperately needs power steering fluid and neither of us know how to do this.
-We go to my aunt's house and are there for about five minutes before we realize that she isn't home.
-At some point between now and getting into the car with my aunt, I realize I lost my phone.
-We go back to my grandmother's house and make soup for my mother so she can eat.
-We go to my mother's house.
-I played with Sofu's camcorder for a while and got various foods. Yay.
-We leave Sofu's and go to my aunt's again. She has my phone now AND can put in the power steering. Woosh.
-On her way to drop me off, my grandmother stops at Kmart because I needed a few things.
-I get out and realize I left my bag at my mother's house.
-We go back to Sofu and get my bag.
-We go back to Kmart and it's closed.
-We go to Walmart and get what I need.
-I finally make it home at around 11:30pm.

My life is occasionally a sitcom.
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So, although I am going to wind up killing things before the end of my English class, I am glad to say I can end today with a smile.

My class may suck but at least I can say I have never unintentilally shut a kitten into a refrigerator.
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And not a half hour later, I'm swinging my legs through a panelled window, helping break into someone's bedroom and trying not to laugh too hard or break my neck.

Good times, I have them. That and cake.
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[Sitting in a car after having conversed with a pair of people at Barnes and Noble for a good half hour.]

Sofu: Ask me what their names were.
Me: ...What were their names?
Sofu: I have no fucking idea.

And now my mother is on the epic quest to figure out who the hell they are. XD Occasionally we fail but y'know, I'm okay with that.
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Freezer: 0
San and I: 1.

You, my icy friend, can blow me.

(Yes, we just spent a good fifteen minutes having an epic reorganization battle with the freezer. I dare anyone to tell me we don't know how to live.)
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Yes, there is going to be spam tonight. I am terribly sorry.

San and I are sitting here and we both come to realize that we have the tune for the Enzyte commercials stuck in our heads. No idea why, just do.

Something has gone wrong somewhere but neither of us know what exactly it is.
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The quest to get this paper done has been a little bit epic, I gotta say.

Broke down earlier today which was...not very fun but I'm functional now. However, my favorite part? Is the phone call.

Yes, the phone call.

I was attempting to get a hold of my aunt to find out if I'm going to be able to get into her house tomorrow and use her printer. NOw, for those of you who know me, I can, on occasion, be a little blunt. Well no, blunt isn't quite the word for it but my choice of words is questionable. This doens't matter when dealing with family. Family knows me, family laughs at me, family....Is just as crazy as I am so none of them have any room to judge.

However, when I dialed the wrong phone number and opened with "Do you still leave your doors unlocked?" The lady on the other end of the phone did not sound very happy.

Yes, guys and dolls, I fail a little bit. A little bit meaning a lot but well, at least it ends in lulz.

Or y'know, just me looking like a creeper. One or the other.

Anyway, back to that paper. >>


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