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Status of the Nina:

I am alive! I know it's hard to believe but I am in fact still a being with a pulse.

I've started class which is not terrible. Saturday mornings at 9 AM is less than desirable but I can work with it well enough. After all, it's only one class and it's a simple one, so we'll see.

Still getting out thee times a week beyond that; therapy for my back and shoulders which is...something. Massage therapy for the girl who dislikes human contact. Fun times to be had b one and all.

Aside form that I fear I have no astounding updates. I've paid my bills, can feed myself and have yet to get the Master back. Uhm....Yeah. My life is dull, what can I say?

I see a lot of memes going around, I might post a few of those later, even if I've been scarce as hell on the internet lately. Yay posterity?
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Even my mother has embraced the fact that I will never have a perfect attendance record for as long as I live.

*settles back with a cup of coffee and some popcorn*
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So, whose bright idea was it to take a class at six at night, during the rainy season and have that class be a good forty-five minute drive from the house?

Oh yeah, that would be me.

I may or may not wind up dropping it because this is turning into a pattern and I'd rather drop the class now and not have to pay for it rather than fail it later.

I think cupcakes need to be in my future.
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So, clearly I've been taking lessons from Theta on how to attend classes. Granted, not wanting to drive in bad weather had something to do with it but we'll just ignore the part where it stopped pretty quickly after it started. That bit does not matter.

One day I will attend the first class of something I take, I swear.
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...Huh. I don't think I have a ride to class today.

Well damn, I really hope we weren't doing anything important.

*goes to try and figure out what the hell is going on*

Edit: Okay, no class today. Right then, I'll just be in the corner working on my HS project and my [livejournal.com profile] wewriteinhell piece for the day.
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Excuse me insides? I thought we were pretty much over this whole 'being sick' business. I do not appreciate sneezing so many times I'm not quite sure if I'll manage to breath.

Also, I am not allowed to go buy discounted Easter candy until I have started my fucking project. if I do not hold true to this, someone needs to beat me senseless with an Easter bunny.

And now it's time for cake.
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Got an A on the HS test that I thoroughly fucked up the other week. This is pleasing and will make coming home tonight a lovely experience. The net in school is spazzy though and that's rather irritating. I shouldn't be here for too muc longer though. One pore presentation to sit through and then I am gone! *cheers*

And here, a meme because I can:

Look at my icons. Tell me which one is your favorite, which one makes you laugh, which one you just don't understand, one that you associate with me, one you hope I never get rid of, one you don't like and one that makes you smile. Put this in your journal and I'll do the same for you.
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So, I have a newnew layout thanks to the every-wonderful Sey. It pleases me way, WAY too much and just...Yes. It's pretty and lovely and I adore her for it. I think the only way it could be better is if it were Master/Oscar. XD

[livejournal.com profile] theformofstars GO. Look at it.

Classes have been okay. I've continued to dislike theater but thorougly enjoy my psych classes and think that comp is a waste of time.

And here, because it's that time of year again.

My Valentinr - theformofstars
Get your own valentinr
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Psych went well yesterday. Got awesome grades on tests. *glees* I broccoli and cheese soup with milk and tags to do, plus a section of fic to finish.

Today will be delightful and certainly much better than yesterday which....I may or may not go into.

Also a meme: Which of my RP characters do you associate me with the most? Why?

And I will be back with another later on, however I am too lazy to be bothered scrounging the thing up right now.


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