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This is a fundraiser to help a family. I know I've gotten people to be very kind to people I know before but I'm hoping that, maybe, I can get you all to be nice and kind and brilliant to me again. but

My mother recently took a pay cut which, in and of itself, is not that big of a deal. We have enough money to survive and even a little money to help out my aunt and her husband.

But not enough.

My aunt is physically disabled and in the process of getting SSi8, my uncle, who had a job, god fired several months ago over an incident that involved his son. Right now, they have three children, none of them old enough to actually get a job on their own.

Their car recently gave out and the woman whose home they've been renting is dealing with her brother dying of cancer and is flying to and from Alaska, thus she can't really help them the way she had been before.

My uncles other son, the one who isn't one of my aunt's children and living with them, just had a child and he's having to deal with the fact that he cant' be there to help support that child.

It's just a big mess, really.

The main thing I am trying to do is get enough money to pay for a car. We can skim our finds over and help them make rent and food but not having a car cripples any ability my uncle has of going out and looking for work and none of the kids are on a business. Right now, they are getting by with my mother's car whenever she can give it up but it's terribly difficult.

My goal is $2,000. I understand that it's a lot of money and I don't expect to get all of it but that is the amount I am trying to get between myself, my mother and anything I can do through the internet. It would hopefully be enough to get them a car and be enough that they have some money to help with the living expensies.

I know, I know it's asking a lot but even if you can't donate, please, please signal boost this as much as you can. I really want to be able to help people I care about.

Edit: After fiddling around a bit and some helpful donations, we have $780 dollars. Some of that needs to go to taking care of a bank issue if I can't get it worked out but that's how much we were able to dig up from bacially...everywhere. I'm still hoping to reach my inital goal but I thought I would give an update.

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I considered filtering this but that would severely limit who could help out and I don't want to do that right now.

My partner [personal profile] chasethecloudsaway is graduating from community college next month and trying to enroll in USF. This would be fine and good but they need money to actually graduate and to pay the fee for submitting an application to the schoo9l.

From what I know, they need eighty dollars. Through the kindness of others, I have already got half that but I would like to try and get the rest and, if possible, a little extra to help them get to and fro various places via buss/take care of rent/general life money.

They do work a job, I should say that now, but the job doesn't pay much and between rent and helping out with their family.

I can't offer much but here's what I can give in return if you are willing to help us out:
- Tarot readings (I still owe some people readings, those people do not count in this)
- Writing (Stories poems, whatever you'd like. I can write it up and email it to you or I could scrawl it out and mail it to you).
- Mail (The aforementioned writing is an option but I don't mind looking around and seeing what interesting things i have laying about the house and making a small package for you. I have a lot of random things that I'd be happy to put into a small package for someone, if they wanted a mystery box.)
- Candles (not made from scratch but candles with interesting things melted into the was)
- I have a *bunch* of BPAL that I could make a list of and offer up, if anyone would be interested.
- Uhm....Gosh, I am sure there are other th9ings but I am not sure at the moment. I'm afraid I am not horribly crafty but if you can think of something you want that is simple, I will try it.

Any amount of money will earn you something interesting from me, as I understand that some people can't afford to donate more than three dollars or so. Any help at all is appreciated though, thus I am willing to work on any of the above for whatever you are willing to donate.

Thank you so, so much for your help and please, if you are willing to signal boost, do so, as I am really hoping to get the word out and get the money before the end of the month.

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Tarot fundraiser

This is for my friend Rachel who is a wonderful person and brilliant friend. Please, if you have the inclination and time, go over there and give her a few dollars. She really, really deserves it. She's got degenerative disc disease and is trying to get a bit of money so she can have a few things to do while she is stuck in bed on the days that the pain is too bad.
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So, this is a call for well, a bit of money, I'm afraid.

I am going to California for Thanksgiving and I would really like to have some extra money with me so I am not bumming off of the kindness of [personal profile] avia and her friends.

I have enough money for the plane ticket, that's no problem at this point but I don't really have any other money and I would like to have twenty dollars or something, possibly more really if i can get it, to have with em in case I need it.

So, this is what I am doing.

I am doing card pulls from one of four decks
- The Tarot of Trees
- The Dark Angel Tarot
- The Faerie Oracle
- The Fallen Angel Oracle

! card = $1 and 2 cards = $2 and so on and so forth.


I will write you a 300 word story for $2 or a 600 word story for $4 dollars and well, again, you get the idea.

Just leave a prompt of some kind and I will see what i can do. I will be putting these stories in front of NaNoWriMo, so you will get them sooner, I promise.

Oh, i will also write poems for $1 but I have less faith in those.

So yes, just....If you could spare a few dollars and would like something nifty from me, please leave a little donation and I will be so, so grateful for it. And if y9ou could signal boost this, I would love you forever and ever.

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Okay, so the short version of my life thus far can be summed up by the fact that I got scammed out of nearly a hundred and fifty dollars and I am trying to move out of a home situation that is not very good. Details of my home life can be summed up by the fact that I am living with my mother, a woman blames me for having a mental illness, would rather spend time with her sister then pick up the medication I need to breath, manipulates me, calls me an idiot and stupid and has been regularly informing me that the only people in my life who actually love me are her and my aunt. This excludes my friends and my partner who I've been with for over two years. I know it's not as bad as some people have it, but it's a situation that I was able to get free of for a while and then was forcibly dragged back into when they took my apartment away after they claimed me mentally incompetent to maintain it after an incident that I'd rather not discuss. The point is, I think that to maintain the bits of sanity that I do have, getting out of this house is very important and being able to sustain that would be even better.

I do receive a monthly disability check but as most people can attest to, it's hard to get by on just that and considering that this time around, I'm going to be taking on all of my medical responsibilities as well as transportation, and everything else that comes with having a normal life. I know that this is something that everyone deals with but I'm moving into an apartment by myself and have no one who I can share the responsibility with anymore.

As for the scam situation, you can find that information right here.

I know I'm asking for money and not everyone has that to spare. That's okay. I will take any advice on getting out there and living on your own on a low budget but I could also use some help on raising money or any sort of work-at-home information and advice you may have. Also, any job leads in the area would be greatly appreciated.

On the monetary front, I'm not asking you to do anything for free, I understand that your money is worth something and you deserve to be compensated, so I am willing to try and write any sort of original fiction you would like or draw you something. Recent samples of my original fiction can be found here I've not drawn in years but Here is a sketch I did earlier today I know it's not the best artwork or writing in the world but it would at least be something. I'm not the greatest at color but I would be willing to try assuming you would not mind it being done in colored pencil. I can promise you, whatever you request, I will do my hardest to fulfill, even if the finished product isn't great. I should also mention that I do have a scanner, so you will get cleaner versions than just pictures I snap with my camera, I just didn't see a reason to bother to scan that one in (I wasn't planning to do this earlier today).

So, I think that's all I have to say, the donate button is below and if you want anything, fic or art or whatever, just leave the request in the comments and I beg you, if you would not mind signal boosting this, I would really appreciate it.

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So, this week has not been the greatest so far. It's not been the worst but between having gotten kicked out of our mall for trying to do the questions, some financial issues and knowing that my mother will be, well, my other over it, I'm sort of waiting for the week to be over.

Anyway, I wasn't planning to do this meme but the name of it made me smile and the subject line in the entry sort of sealed the deal.

Be Excellent to Each Other - My Thread

And because I think it's probably not a bad thing to do, a list of things that, despite this week, make me happy.
- Alex.
- Coffee
- Sanctuary
- My desk
- Sex books
- The bookmark I found in one of the sex books
- Having food in the house
- Having the ability to write
- Music from my childhood
- Knowing that we do not have to move next month
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So, eight in the morning sees me awake, exhausted and waiting for my mother to pick me up. The urge to sleep is a little overwhelming but the prospect of A) money and B) groceries is going to keep me awake, at least until I can get caffeine.

I haven't had much tagbrain lately but I've actually managed to write two fics this week, each longer than I expected. It's actually really nice, since my writingbrain has been utter fail lately.

Okay, going to try and tag into a post, then packing everything up and hopefully heading out.


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