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back from Iowa and I.....don't know. I miss it there terribly. I get Morgan on Friday though, so that will make things better, I suspect. having them generally does.

I am trying to determine what I am doing for the next six months. I'm really not sure. A part of me is tempted to move out to Iowa and stay with that lot until August. Then there is another part of me that says I could take the money i am getting and visit various people for a month at a time (assuming they'll keep me for that long) and then, there is a third pat of me that says I should be saving my money so I can get a damn apartment.

I don't know, I really don't. Everything is up in the air and I feel like I should take one of the chances that is being presented to me instead of staying here and doing nothing, I'm just not sure which one I should go for.

So yes, that's what's going on with me. What did I miss in the last week?
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You know that tag I have about hating the moving process? It's so, so true.

I've been on and off looking at apartments and it would be so much easier if I could just drive around and look at places. Alas, I have no car and my mother is...my mother.

I'm going to hopefully go around on Monday with Elizabeth if I can come up with a list of places to go and look at but I'm going to try and talk her into driving around the areas I wouldn't mind moving into and getting the information.

But yes, I have nothing else to say. I just hate moving.
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Words: 2571
Words for the week: 4999 (I can't decide if this irritates me or amuses me)
What's been written: Two cast lists and a section of the Spice novel.
Reason for stopping: My brain is just not working tonight. I might try again later but I really don't see anything happening until tomorrow.

Noise quality: Some show my mother is watching and music on random.
Time I woke up: 1:30 PM. I went to sleep at about 8PM the previous day. Yeah, that is definitely oversleep.
Amount of Caffeine had: Three cups of coffee and I'll be getting my fourth when I'm done writing this entry.
Procrastination method of the day: S1 of Buffy.
Things that should be getting done instead of writing: Making a list of foods I need for various recipes.

I slept like all hell last night but I didn't sleep at all the previous night so I guess it balances out. I'm kind of annoyed because the serious oversleep has kind of left me without brain to do much. I'm trying to get it but its failing pretty miserably.

Group went well yesterday,I met a woman who's really sweet, likes cats and clove cigarettes and is generally awesome. She kind of made my Monday. What didn't make my Monday was the fact that I was late coming home and wound up missing my psych appointment. I hate talking to people ont he phone after I've fucked up but luckily my aunt did most of the talking and I just had to decide what day I would do the appointment.

Tomorrow is the psychiatrist, group and, if I'm still in the mood after all the running around, Barnes And Noble. We're also going to try and straighten out the bedroom some but I don't know how well that's going to go. I might just stay up all night getting it straightened but I'm trying to tell myself that's not the best idea.

My bed is exactly where it used to be which...does not entirely sit well with me. I need to move other things around in that room because if I leave it the way it is (a big mess with my bed being the only neat thing) it's going to make me have a breakdown.

My nails are black and orange though, this cheers me up a little bit.
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Group went better today than it normally does. I'm definitely keeping Caraway closer to the front because I forgot how calming he can be when he's around. Anyway, there were about seven other people there and I did well, I even talked unprompted@ So my thanks go to that man and his sheer awesome.

I'm going to talk to a case manager tomorrow about several things, two of which are transportation and my medication and how I'm going to get it. I think if I can get that stuff worked out, my mother is going to be more comfortable with me moving out before January. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it goes well.
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Oh! I managed to do my words today! *dances* THree days in a row is a pleasing thing, I have to admit.

I should go shower and get my clothes together for tomorrow. Actually, I should really go to bed but I haven't swapped out my music yet and I really need that shower, so it will probably happen later. Plus I'm really in the mood to try and write something, even if it's not Cityverse or edits.
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This weekend has been made of suck. I am glad to say that it is over. I'm going into group tomorrow and having a long talk with the counselor there. I don't really want to but I think I kind of really need to.

Besides having suck, I got food,, looked at places to live and....no, that's about it. We saw a lot of apartments though I honestly didn't pay attention.

I've been talking to my mother about living arrangements though! I may wind up living on my own before January and that is rather pleasing. I'm not positive it's going to happen but it's being discussed which was better than what was happening before now.

I should go to bed. I need to be up in six hours. I'm just not quite in the mood to sleep. I will probably try anyway, just because I need to have a straight head when talking to the people tomorrow.

Writing meme day four )
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Things to do today:
- Rearrange the office [done]
- Go to Walmart for bins [ ]
- Talk to Yaya about beads and gewlerythings [started]
- Go through old clothes for useful fabric [started]
- Archive all the fics that have been written on the prompt post [ ]
- Respond to more prompts [started]
- Go post/tag into the Rift [ ]

My brain keeps misbehaving and not letting me do organizational things but it seems to be working pretty well when it comes to writing, so I'm doing a lot of that as of that. I also have been poking craft ideas with a stick but those are only vaguely interesting.

I think I need to go to the mall with Sofu later and I'm not thrilled by it but I might look for something that makes me feel good, I don't know.

I, at the very least, need to get a new set of heasphones because the ones I have are dying. I also think that I'm going to be more inclined to watch the shows I have tormented when I can do them with headphones.

Which reminds me, I should go torrent Sherlock. I'm going to get that started in a second.

I'm still taking music and movie/TV recs by the way, probably even more than before. I'll need good noise and sounds while I do crafts and get back in touch with sanity
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So, writing up a listy type entry before my meds kick in.

1) We are not moving! This is a good thing since we had no plan and no real money but now that's not a problem! We need to go renew the lease this week but that's happening on Monday.

2) Saw the psychiatrist and am now on new meds which should hopefully not leave me feeling like I'm going to sink into the couch. So far the only downside I can really find is that my body is TIRED. Like, obscenely so. I'm hoping it's just new med type things but bah, who knows.

3) I've been poking [livejournal.com profile] app_this_plz all day, both advertising for [livejournal.com profile] embassylaments> and looking at games.

4) The embassy did have an open post today. I suggest everyone go over to [livejournal.com profile] embassylamets> and check it out. Maybe we'll be shiny and interesting enough for you to join. Maybe? EH, I can hope.

5) Put in an application for [livejournal.com profile] realityshifted> today, so we'll see how that goes. I haven't written any sot of app in over a year, so I'm kinda nervous. *shiftyshifty*

6) Tomorrow we need to go to the store and hopefully there shall be cookies. Mmm, cookies. We have maple nut icing that I really want to eat with cookies, so I'm really hoping for sweets.

And...I think that's it. I'm pretty sure there were other things but well, another post.
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So, does anyone need roommates?

That was rather blunt, let me explain a little more.

The end of our lease is coming up (July is our last month) and we're really not sure what we're doing. It's a very real possibility that we can't afford to stay here and we're not sure what we're going to do if/when that happens.

Our options mostly consist of well, moving back with family which...Neither of our families are entirely healthy environments and I'd rather just leave it at that. The place we're currently living at is pretty much the best option we had this time last year and upon investigation, still seems that way.

In short, we are looking for a place to live.

We are very much open to out of state, though if that's going to be the case, it would be great if you would be okay with us taking some time to get settled/Alex get a job. We're still going to be able to pay because I receive disability, so rent/electric/anything else hopefully won't be too much of a problem, we just ask for patience for things beyond that. We're both respectful, cleanly people who are more than happy to attempt to work with you on personal quirks if you're happy to work with ours.

Uhm....Fuck, I don't know. I think I was just trying to sell us and I'm pretty sure it failed miserably.

Look, the short version is simply asking about roommates and, if not that, does anyone know about cheap places to live, preferably in places that have good public transit because neither of us can drive.

Love and cookies for anyone at all who can pass along some sort of advise.
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Guys! I have internet! Not only do I have internet but I have internet, electric, food (sort of) and all the stuff people need to live in an apartment.

Guys? I'm living in an apartment. By myself (for now anyway).

*glees and is damn proud she's not dead yet*

Sunday was spent moving everything here, unpacking and getting things organized. Then, once that was done, San, Kat and I got out the salt and started blessing the dishware and smoking cloves outside while it rained. It was...Kind of win. Several degrees of win, actually.

Yesterday I sat around waiting for the internet guy who didn't show but considering that most of the time was also spent listening to GNeil read audiobooks, I can't say it was that much of a disappointment.

Then, Sofu picked me up and took me back to the house so I could pick up Lord Henry, do a quick internet check (make sure I was still GETTING it) and we had dinner. Mmm, crab. My mother needs to have emotional breakdowns that end in food more often.

And today...Well, I have no idea what I'm doing today. I need to go out and get some things that I still don't have but kind of really need and then I'm just..Existing. We shall see.

I will take clear pictures of the apartment soon, since the ones I did take are kind of dodgy.
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There are not enough words to express how much I hate packing.

Other things can probably be said, one of which is that my mother is completely insane, but none of that matters in comparisson to the packing. I hate packing.

I do, however, have two boxes filled with books, one box of tea pots and two more boxes waiting to be filled (one that will most likely occupy more books and the other holding all my random crap that I have accumulated over the past few years and doesn't deserve to be shoved in my desk.

Right then, going to put on Guys And Dolls and continue this.
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Holy fuck, it actually worked.


*Is just going to....do....something. Probably dance.*
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Third entry for the day, I know but after this I go to bed, I swear.

So, I've gotten a coffee maker, iron, toaster, clothing and have ordered a 1 terabyte hard drive that i should be receiving sometime this week. I also grabbed an apartment application, filed it out and will be turning it in on Monday. Yay productivity?

I think, after I find out about all the fees for the apartment (just how much they'll be wanting from us to move in/how much it's going to take to get the electric and possibly internet (if we can't steal it from anyone), I'm going to go ahead and send the Master in for a tune-up. Things are coming loose and I just had to fight with my keyboard for way too long. Plus the screen is slightly misaligned again and while it's not a big deal now, I want to catch it before it gets too bad/it winds up costing me even more to fix.

And I figure, since I'll be wiping him clean after I move music and icons to the hard drive, it won't be a bad time to send him off.

I am sightly annoyed though, Firefox went crazy on me earlier so I had to reinstall it. I need to remember all the add-ons and various other things I had stuffed into it but it seems silly when I'm only going to wipe him entirely next week. I don't know, I might just make a list and put on the essentials so I'm not going crazy, then put the rest of it on afterward.

Right, going to go to bed, since I've got to get up at ungodly hours tomorrow and attempt to be sociable to boot. Oh joy, oh rapture.
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So, it is hot, I am much less sick than I was, we know where we'll be trying to live and I start school next week.

More details can probably be given but I don't feel like it. Instead I'm going to scuffle off and poke at River!Doctor, make a few lists and see if I can't find ice cream. Mmm, cold cold ice cream.


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