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Still alive. It's been....an interesting few days. Not great, not functioning really but I have had people in my life who make it so much better.

The internet is not a great place for me to be right now, I don't know. It makes m y brain ache and I start stressing out over everything I am supposed to be doing. I just wish I could have Morgan and Skittles and be happy.

On the other hand, we went on adventure today and a low speed car chase yesterday. So yeah, not everything is bad. Oh, and candy. Al the candy.
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So I kind of up and abandoned everything for three days when Morgan showed up. I really don't mean to do that whenever I get them but I kind of can't help it. *laughs* I am....a bit sad like that.

I am going to go to the doctor on Monday and I have nothing to really do until then. I feel like I do but no, I really don't.

I need to start working on my stuff that I want to get done but y'know. We'll see.

I thought I had more to say but no, I really don't. I have tasty ice cream, I have cookie dough, I have an umbrella coming in, and a book.

So yes, I am going to wander off and just....yes.
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Things that have happened/will happen in my life:
- My comma key broke so I am now going between two computers.
- One of my fics is being podficced for the Awesome Women Podfic Anthology
- I have fallen head over heels for White Collar
- I did my first scene with someone
- I eliminated several places to live on my big list of possibilities
- I talked my mother into taking me driving to look at apartments this weekend
- I am possibly going to the Phoenix Club this weekend.

And that's about it. My life is fairly dull but I am okay with that.

Oh becuase it's that time of the year:
My Valentinr - whatawaytoburn
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Okay, so I have two announcements.

The first is that I am engaged! Yes, that's right, I did it! I babbled my way through it in the cold with no jacket, over the phone, when we had only a short time to talk but I did it!

I am a gleeful idiot right now. I am an engaged gleeful idiot.

I get to look for rings! And tell people! And be engaged!

Guys? I am in love. I am wrapped up in something amazing and I want to spend the rest of my life feeling this way and I'm going to get to do that! How fucking lucky does that make me?

People strive for what I am lucky enough to have. People make movies and write songs and books about it. They kill for it. I didn't have to do any of that.

Sure, there might be blood once my family finds out but that's a different matter entirely.

The point is, I'm blessed. I am honest to everything blessed to have this person in my life and now I get to say that it's going to happen forever. I don't know what the hell it is that I did to be this lucky but I hope I keep doing it.

I love you, dear, I love you more than everything and thank you so, so much for accepting me as yours.

But that's not my only announcement.

Although it has come up with at least one person before, I've expressed a dissatisfaction with my name for years and years. I never did internet handles, so I've always just been Nina.
But I don't want to be her. I'm going to quote myself because I think I said it best when I was talking about the matter earlier.

"I liked Charlotte Tam as a name. It made me smile and I like the implications of the two of us sharing the same last name and just...I like all that but something I think I'm really starting to notice? Charlotte is a person I like more. She's comfortable with exploring kink and her sexuality, she's comfortable with the fact that she's not the only person in her head and is okay with telling other people that. She's okay with not always being a her. Nina is....her mother's daughter. She's the scared, anxious girl who goes in and out of hospitals. The implications of being Nina kind of suck. The implications of being Charlotte or even Charley? Are becoming more and more comfortable."

So, because the past few months have been me getting to know myself, I've decided to stop going by Nina and start going by Charlotte. Any variation of the name is fine, though I'll likely go with Charley myself (especially when I'm feeling fluid or more male) . I understand that people switching names at random is kind of whiplashy on the people who've known them for several years, so if you still call me Nina that's fine. I'm just not going to be using it anymore as my main name.

And now I think I'm done. I guess if you have any questions or anything, feel free to poke me, though I have no idea what questions you would have. XD
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Today was an exceptionally good day when I wasn't expecting it to be.

San got in touch with me and we went out. We went to the mall, to Best Buy, to Creature Castle and Publix. We got food and booze and talked and it was lovely. There was even a fire

I think that, between letting other people deal with the world on Tuesday and then dealing with the world in an extremely positive manner today, I've recharged my ability to well, deal. It's nice.

I'm going to get together again with her on Friday to buy hats and go to Target and this weekend, if I don't go out with Kimi, I might go out with her. The point is that things will be positive when it comes to interacting with the world.

I bought tea and hot chocolate, have holiday lists lined up, have stories to listen to and think I actually have the brain for tags. Plus I have a plan for actually tackling writing which is more than I can say I've had in a while.

I should probably go and bed down for the evening but I'm not tired just yet. I'm going to take my meds soon and then go lay down, since they ought to make me pretty sleepy. I'm just not quite ready for today to end yet. It's comfortable, more comfortable than days have been in a while and I'm a little sad to see it go.
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*bounces a bit* So, going to go out in a few hours and try to get people to answer questions. I'm...kind of weirdly excited about this. I really kind of like doing this when I can remember what Im supposed to be asking people.

I am also very blue today. Blue shirt, blue hat, blue tights.

Doo dee doo.

I have no real reasons to make this entry, I just feel like doing it and well, here is an entry.

I've also been watching QI on and off all night and poking at fic. I need to finish it but I ma take Croup with me to Panera and then try and finish it while I wait for people.

I think there is something else I meant to say but I'm really not sure, I'm just happytangenting at this point.

Okay, going to stop just because this really is a pointless entry and I need to go finish getting ready.
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Guys! I have internet! Not only do I have internet but I have internet, electric, food (sort of) and all the stuff people need to live in an apartment.

Guys? I'm living in an apartment. By myself (for now anyway).

*glees and is damn proud she's not dead yet*

Sunday was spent moving everything here, unpacking and getting things organized. Then, once that was done, San, Kat and I got out the salt and started blessing the dishware and smoking cloves outside while it rained. It was...Kind of win. Several degrees of win, actually.

Yesterday I sat around waiting for the internet guy who didn't show but considering that most of the time was also spent listening to GNeil read audiobooks, I can't say it was that much of a disappointment.

Then, Sofu picked me up and took me back to the house so I could pick up Lord Henry, do a quick internet check (make sure I was still GETTING it) and we had dinner. Mmm, crab. My mother needs to have emotional breakdowns that end in food more often.

And today...Well, I have no idea what I'm doing today. I need to go out and get some things that I still don't have but kind of really need and then I'm just..Existing. We shall see.

I will take clear pictures of the apartment soon, since the ones I did take are kind of dodgy.
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Holy fuck, it actually worked.


*Is just going to....do....something. Probably dance.*
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Good Things That Have Happened Today:
- I got coffee.
- I got books (The first Dresden book, A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore and a collection of poems by Leonard Cohen.)
- I've turned in the application for the apartment (again)
- I posted fic.
- I got the Master set up.
- I aquired two new lighters.
- I have money in the bank.

You know, it hasn't exactly been eventful but damnit, I can almost say I'm bcontent with today.
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So, it needs to be known that there are few ways to better spend your time than stretching out on the floor of an empty elevator, riding it up and down, and singing Frank Sinatra.
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I saw Rent.

I saw Rent with a cast that is more amazing than I can even think to say.

I saw Rent and this? This is going to be something I remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

I saw Rent and I'm going to see it again.

I saw Rent and you know what? I still can't fucking believe it even happened.
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So, I have survived the fourth of July with no damage and gotten to see my fair share of pretty things that go boom. I have gotten hats, socks and will be acquiring a comfortable chairthing before the end of the month. My mother is being bizarrely nice to me. My girlfriend is coming tomorrow and not leaving until Wednesday. I will be seeing Rent on Tuesday. I will not be living in this house this time next month and I am going to start steadily writing again.

You know what guys? My life is pretty fucking good right now.
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I forgot how much I enjoyed Memento.

...Actually, I forgot how much I enjoy watching films in general, especially out in the living room. Sitting out here with all the lights out and the sound of the coffee being made in the kitchen is just nice.

I might make something later. I don't know what bu I know we've got cake mix and tonight just feels like that sort of night.
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Exciting points in my current existence:
- I have cookies. (White chocolate macadamia nut!)
- There's a good storm out.
- Star Trek film is in my fairly near future.
- As is Alex.
- Sofu isn't being batshit.
- Sleeping in as late as I have has been ridiculously nice.

I think today we were going to try and do something but I've no idea what that was. I may go out in a bit and see if she's got plans on leaving the house and, if not, I'm going to go curl up in my chair and zone out to music. Possibly write, if I feel so inclined but today is a music day. Music or just listening to the rain. Either one will be quite enjoyable.
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- Lord Henry. He is curled up under the desk and keeping my feet warm. (Bingly will get mentioned too, if only because I like looking over and seeing him on my armchair).
- The fact that I got pots for the apartment today. Good pots. Pots that will be useful.
- Coffee.
- Starting profiles for people.
- Having all of my lists in order.
- Books, especially when I get to be surrounded by them like I am at the moment.
- Doing a fairly good job at keeping up with writing.
- Knowing that tomorrow will end with zucchini bread.
- And a hair cut (San, I can hear you saying words. Cease and desist.)
- Root Beer
- The knowledge that after Monday, I am done with this round of classes.

And now I am going to look for my audios and try and be productive (and apparently I am going to do this to 'I Can't Decide' which also makes me happy.
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So, brain is only halfway here. This is slightly problematic since I wnt to be productive today but we'll see how I am after coffee.

Also? Its kind of nice to wake up and find both the cats and the dog sleeping in the room with me. It makes me smile.

Okay, food, coffee and then attempts to not go back to sleep.
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My grandmother has been making meat pies all day and I have been cleaning, setting my OMGNEWTV and singing Sweeney Todd.

Road to recovery: I think I might finally be on it.
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I love having friends who feed me on a semi-regular basis. It makes getting nutrition easier.

Also? A slight variant of this is absolutely delicious and quickly becoming essential to my life.

I've also stabbed someone with a fork, played with my pets and had coffee. Today has been a good day. A good, tasty day.

Edit: Also, there was another battle of San vs freezer. I think this point has to go to the freezer though. It got her twice.

The Standings as of now:
Us: 1
Freezer: 1

Obviously there will have to be a tie-breaker sometime soon. Probably next time we go shopping.
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The Master is back! *celebrates*

Now I need to remember everything I said I was going to do once he returned.
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Today has been drizzly and a little bit cold and filled with bad horror movies. Add in the fact that we get chilli tonight for dinner and the simple fact that tomorrow is Friday and I consider this a very, very good day.


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