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So, this is another chiming in post but it's a bit more selfish this time.

Skittles, a dear friend of mine, and myself are thinking of going on a roadtrip. We rather like traveling and want to see a lot of neat places while we can. Anyway, we thought of a few places but were having trouble of thinking of more.

That is where you come in.

We want to know neat places near you. We want to know the places you've been to that you loved. Places you wish you could go back to, cities that have stolen your heart, places that have taken your breath away.

They can be near you or they can be far. They can be places you've always wanted to go to (as long as you tell us why) or they can be your own backyard. Just let us know where we ought to be going.
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back from Iowa and I.....don't know. I miss it there terribly. I get Morgan on Friday though, so that will make things better, I suspect. having them generally does.

I am trying to determine what I am doing for the next six months. I'm really not sure. A part of me is tempted to move out to Iowa and stay with that lot until August. Then there is another part of me that says I could take the money i am getting and visit various people for a month at a time (assuming they'll keep me for that long) and then, there is a third pat of me that says I should be saving my money so I can get a damn apartment.

I don't know, I really don't. Everything is up in the air and I feel like I should take one of the chances that is being presented to me instead of staying here and doing nothing, I'm just not sure which one I should go for.

So yes, that's what's going on with me. What did I miss in the last week?
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Being stolen away by Riley and San this weekend.

To Iowa.

Yeah, that's right, taking one of my trips again. I am kind of gleeing over it but y'know, that is okay. I'm kind of nervous too but I'm always kind of nervous.

I need to get rid of this feeling that I am going to fuck up and then I will be good. I just...yeah. Don't know. Everyone is cool with me going and such, both down here and up there, so that is all that matters. i am going to go and have an awesome time and probably not want to leave by the time I have to go but yeah.

I think I have more to say but I don't know what it might be. Things. It is thiiiings.
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So, this is a call for well, a bit of money, I'm afraid.

I am going to California for Thanksgiving and I would really like to have some extra money with me so I am not bumming off of the kindness of [personal profile] avia and her friends.

I have enough money for the plane ticket, that's no problem at this point but I don't really have any other money and I would like to have twenty dollars or something, possibly more really if i can get it, to have with em in case I need it.

So, this is what I am doing.

I am doing card pulls from one of four decks
- The Tarot of Trees
- The Dark Angel Tarot
- The Faerie Oracle
- The Fallen Angel Oracle

! card = $1 and 2 cards = $2 and so on and so forth.


I will write you a 300 word story for $2 or a 600 word story for $4 dollars and well, again, you get the idea.

Just leave a prompt of some kind and I will see what i can do. I will be putting these stories in front of NaNoWriMo, so you will get them sooner, I promise.

Oh, i will also write poems for $1 but I have less faith in those.

So yes, just....If you could spare a few dollars and would like something nifty from me, please leave a little donation and I will be so, so grateful for it. And if y9ou could signal boost this, I would love you forever and ever.

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NaNo: 14,683
Ni90: 6,615
Other words: 3,008
Total words this month: 24,306

Caffeine: 3 cups of coffee and 2 Cokes.
Procrastination method of the day: A little bit of everything. I ad kind of all over the place..
Music choices: Quickmix on Pandora.

Wrote more Nikola Tesla/Henry Jekyll today along with my NaNo/Ni90. I keep meaning to switch over to my *actual* backup projects but that just does not seem like it is going to happen. I also wrote a crack short thing that involved modern era!college AU Five because it makes me happy. I don't know why else.

I have a write-in tomorrow where hopefully I will get words in but, if i don't, I am still ahead, so that is okay. I am going to try and get a little more ahead tomorrow night just in case but I don't know if it is going to happen, as I am at the part of the Road Trip story I know NOTHING about. Not that I knew a lot about City exactly but I know the general gist of City whereas with Road Trip, I am going to be pulling out my Tarot cards soon and having them direct the story.

I kind of wanted to stay up and do more writing than what I got today but I am getting really fuzzyheaded and I think I am going to put on a movie or something and just curl up for a while. I dont know. We will see. I wish I had S3 of Sanctuary, cause I would put that on right now.
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Things that have happened:
- I went to a convention
- It was good.
- I got lots of shinies (there will be pictures of some of them later)
- I got my partner
- I ran around in antlers for two days
- I met lots of people
- I advertized the Illusionists.
- I gave lots of people hugs.
- I accidentally started my NaNo
- I did lots of Illusionists things today that will get a post of their own.
- I got a psych evaluation. Borderline, schizoaffective, depression, impulse control but no anxiety. SOMEHOW. I don't even know.
- I scheduled an appointment with a therapist.
- I got back on Facebook (networking purposes only, I swear).
- I pinned a TARDIS to my hat.

And that it is. There are no pictures becuase I didn't take any. I wasn't really in the place to take pictures this weekend. Although the con was good, I had my spazzy moments that left me...not quite in the right place to work a camera. So yes.
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f- All of my clothes are gathered for Necro. I still need to find my binder but that's it. I am fairly certain it is in the wash, so that's not too bad.
- Goblin Fruit updated! I am nesting in lovely poetry until I have to go out again.
- I still need to go out and get a labcoat and stockings but I'm all right with that. Everything else is gathered together so I am trying not to stress
- I still don't really have money but I do have a ride! I am going to get there quite early but that's all right, I'll deal with that.
- I have a psych eval on Monday. I am trying very hard not to stress out about this. it....really wants to eat my brain however.
- I think that's it for now, the next time I update, will probably be between panels at Necro. Woosh!
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Y'know, I meant to do other things besides sleep yesterday. That did not happen.

Well, that's a lie. I watched two movies but besides that? Yeah, nothing but epic amounts of sleep. I feel awake today though? So at least there's that.

MyMy day, or how it should go.
10AM-12:30PM: Write in
1PM-4PM Tampa Munch (yes, I am going! *dances*)
Sometime after 4 PM-Tomorrow: San's house.

My day will be epic and awesome, of this I am sure.

Now I should decide if I am going to try and do a round of tags before or after I shower. *ponderponder*
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Today was unexpectedly good, i was made to go out but Sofu bought me a lufa spider and really nice cream from Bath And Body, so it was kinda worth it.

I've been itching to write for the City kids but I've not acted on it yet. I don't know what I'm going to do with them but I really want it to be November so I can start on the first book. I'm going to have the whole thing planned out before then, just because I'm jumping out of my skin to write it.

I still haven't done the edits yet but I started filling out the papers for my psychologist, so that's a good thing.

Tomorrow we're supposed to go to a flea market if the weather isn't bad and going to the bookstore if it isn't. So tomorrow probably won't be too bad a day which is nice.

I sort of want Monday to come just so I can talk to the case management people and figure out what I'm doing with my life. They're supposed to help me find living arrangements amongst many other things and getting that started would be really nice. Sofu is open to me moving before January which was half the battle, so no i just need to figure out what the hell it is I'm doing.

I...don't have too much else to say, honestly. I'm going to go and try to write in a few minutes and if that doesn't work, perhaps work on the edits because I've been working on them in my head all weekend. First though, I am getting coffee. Coffee is key to a productive evening.
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*bounces a bit* So, going to go out in a few hours and try to get people to answer questions. I'm...kind of weirdly excited about this. I really kind of like doing this when I can remember what Im supposed to be asking people.

I am also very blue today. Blue shirt, blue hat, blue tights.

Doo dee doo.

I have no real reasons to make this entry, I just feel like doing it and well, here is an entry.

I've also been watching QI on and off all night and poking at fic. I need to finish it but I ma take Croup with me to Panera and then try and finish it while I wait for people.

I think there is something else I meant to say but I'm really not sure, I'm just happytangenting at this point.

Okay, going to stop just because this really is a pointless entry and I need to go finish getting ready.
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Fun quote of the day.

[In the middle of a longer discussion on headvoices and mental health professionals assigning them to various parts of my psyche.]

Me: So, what's Eleanor Rigby?
Alex: The music in your soul.
Me: ....What are the Drums?
Alex: The other half of the music in your soul!

Besides that I have nothing of real interest to report. I went to Ybor on Saturday and that was fun. There was a music festival going on and they were playing things that made us happy.

I did, however, manage to sprain my ankle Saturday night. As you can imagine, this is not as happy-making. I'm doing okay, though the skin around the swelling is giving me a bit of trouble. Sofu's coming by later tonight with ace bandages and a nice blanket for me, so I suppose things could be worse.

Also, the storm that's been going in and out all day has made things much better than they could be.

I have a boatload of tags that need to be done, more writing that I should do and various other things but for the next few days, I predict that I shall be existing on the couch or the floor watching things or zoning out to music. We shall see though. If I get pain meds, then there's half a chance I will be up and about.

But yes, that's about all. I shall...I don't know, go off and consider food. Food sounds like a good plan
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And now we venture forth into the big wide world to attempt to get writing done for the day. Wish us luck!
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Mm, home again home again.

Showered, unpacked and loving on the pets. Plus I have coffee. Cofee and fruit. This is nothing to complain about.

I will glee over Chicago and the other show we saw, along with other various things...probably tomorrow. I am tired and any words I need, should probably be put towards writing.

Gonna go ry and get my words done for the day, count up words for the week and then start organizing the fics that have been written. This should be....Something.

Also? If there's anything that I've missed while I was gone that you think I ought to see, I'd love you forever if you linked it in the comments. I'm going to pick through things soonish but putting that out there is never a bad thing.

Right, going to do...Things now.
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766 words today. Woosh! And yes, you'll be seeing a word count somewhere in a nightly post for the next month. Ignore it.

I am more functional than before, though still fairly out of it. Sleep is going to be a blessing and tomorrow there is Alex! Lots and lots of Alex for the rest of the week! I am far too pleased by this.

Of course, this means that I need to get up tomorrow and pack but y'know, petty details. And actually, figure out where my grandmother wants to drop me off.

And y'know, I've still got fic I owe (a lot of it) but I feel like ramming my head into a wall and making more rouble for myself.

Request Time!
here is my abbeviated and full character lists. If you see someone that ought to get poked, leave a prompt of some kind (word, quote, scenario, whatever) and I'll get to it...sometime this month. Ask for as many people as you want and give whatever kind of prompt you feel like. I'm just doing this because I'm masochistic.

Also, if you want to ask for something completely different or with a character that's not on the list, that's cod too. Basically, if it's in your head and you want to see me try my hand at it, you can put it down.

Now, here's to hoping I'm not jumping off a cliff by the time this is over.
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So, my grandmother and I just took a chair from an abandoned house.

We're considering going back for a desk and another chair later.

Occasionally my family is batshit, occasionally they are awesome.
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Things I have gained this weekend:
- Assurance that my mother is crazy
- The Serenity comic.
- Doctor Who: The Forgotten #6
- Momento
- Bright Lights, Big City.
- Seven new verses.
- The knowledge that there is a peaceful place to run to close by my house and an awesome place to get ice cream and milkshakes (and movies!).
- Many a good quote.
- New bits of writing on my Wall.
- I'm sure there are other things too, lots of them in fact, but I can't actually remember them at this very second. The point is that this weekend was win.
- Oh! We have chocolate sauce, whipped cream and cherries. Yummmmm.

The week so far has not been nearly as much fun as our weekend, I'm sad to say. Slept a lot, attended classes, wandered around Ybor City in the cold. I did remember to take pictures while I was doing it, so yay for that!

Yeah, not many interesting things to say, I'm afraid. Oh well.

And now a love meme.
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It has been a very successful Halloween.

I've recaptured my youth, sexually harassed Jesus, had a good dose of Paul McGann and stayed up til 8 AM.

Now there will be crashing and when I get up? I will writewritewrite!


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