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*headdesk* I have writing I need to do. I have fics that I owe that are already overdue and I have fics that I should really be working on before they get too backed up that I never do them and I have tags that really ought to get done (thoguh, at least I called hiatus so no one is *really*( waiting for those at the moment).

Instead, I think I am going to watch Doctor Who in preparation for the new series.


In other news, I''m still sickm, my sleeping schedule has gone to hell and I'm not actually going to see my psychologist until the fifth of next moth. So, guess I was wrong about that one. Oh well.
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Okay, so I'm trying to make a list of TV and films that I need to watch. I'm having a really hard time trying to think of what needs to be put on this list, so I was hoping I can poke the internet into helping me add to this.

List of things that I need to watch
- Nikita
- Supernatural
- White Collar
- Castle
- The Vampire Diaries
- Sherlock
- Carnivale
- Twin Peaks
- Red Dwarf
- The Way We Live Now
- He Knew He Was Right

I know there are other things and as I think of them, I will probably be adding to this list. I know there are movies that belong on this list but my brain is just not working.
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Walking Dead, why are you so awesome? Seriously guys, this show makes me happy and the fact that there only only three eps left makes me sadface. I WANT MORE.

Granted, I'll totally admit that I see the show working out best in small installments but I can still be greedy, damnit.
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Let's do today in list form, shall we?

1) Happy Halloween! Obviously we are in the tail end of an awesome holiday and my sleep deprived brain forgot to wish everyone good times, so yes,

2) Happy NaNoing! One holiday ends and another begins and yes, I totally consider NaNo a holiday. I think I'm actually going to be able to start mine on midnight because I got a few hours of sleep in the middle of the day and I've been working on how I'm going to start writing, so that's kind of pleasing. Plus we have chocolate and coffee. Mmm, chocolate and coffee.

3) I'm getting a contract! Sangria is awesome and took care of things for me but I got a contract! She's going to write it up in the next two weeks and then we'll be in business. I'm....now getting kind of scared and the whole thing is making me have Thoughts on money and how much I dislike it but it's nothing that's really worth typing up.

4) Walking Dead in an hour! I'm stoked for this since I've been binging on zombie movies for the past month or so and I could use something good. I'm really hoping I won't be disappointed but I'm preparing for it just in case.

5) The new Abney Park album makes me want to dance. I need to make room for it on River so I can listen to it in full (I'm listening in bits and pieces and I'll be able to take a more thorough listen when I'm riding to therapy tomorrow
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*bounces a bit* So, going to go out in a few hours and try to get people to answer questions. I'm...kind of weirdly excited about this. I really kind of like doing this when I can remember what Im supposed to be asking people.

I am also very blue today. Blue shirt, blue hat, blue tights.

Doo dee doo.

I have no real reasons to make this entry, I just feel like doing it and well, here is an entry.

I've also been watching QI on and off all night and poking at fic. I need to finish it but I ma take Croup with me to Panera and then try and finish it while I wait for people.

I think there is something else I meant to say but I'm really not sure, I'm just happytangenting at this point.

Okay, going to stop just because this really is a pointless entry and I need to go finish getting ready.
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My night has been filled with Alex vidding, articles, fic, QI, hidden object games and making the valiant attempt at tags.

All in all? Not a terrible night by any standard, despite the fact that the tags are giving me more trouble than I'd like. They will get done though, I am determined.

By the by, if I finish this fic would anyone like to look it over (besides Alex who I'm sure will because she loves me and is wonderful). It's Lucy/Fobwatched!Master and for [community profile] kink_bingo. Yeah, I...have no idea what I was thinking when I signed up for it but I am determined to at least get one fic written if not a card.

Anyway, that's not the point here, the point is memes!

I put one of these up at the embassy because I thought it would be fun but for posterity's sake, it goes up on my journal as well.

1. Go to my Character List.
2. Pick a character. (You can pick more than one, and you can pick one that someone already has chosen and I'd ramble about something else. You can also pick a verse to get a general babble, if you'd like one of those instead).
3. I will ramble until there's no tomorrow about said character.
4. If you'd like, after knowing more about the character, throw a character or a prompt at them.
5. Dance.


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