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Things that have happened:
- I went to a convention
- It was good.
- I got lots of shinies (there will be pictures of some of them later)
- I got my partner
- I ran around in antlers for two days
- I met lots of people
- I advertized the Illusionists.
- I gave lots of people hugs.
- I accidentally started my NaNo
- I did lots of Illusionists things today that will get a post of their own.
- I got a psych evaluation. Borderline, schizoaffective, depression, impulse control but no anxiety. SOMEHOW. I don't even know.
- I scheduled an appointment with a therapist.
- I got back on Facebook (networking purposes only, I swear).
- I pinned a TARDIS to my hat.

And that it is. There are no pictures becuase I didn't take any. I wasn't really in the place to take pictures this weekend. Although the con was good, I had my spazzy moments that left me...not quite in the right place to work a camera. So yes.
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f- All of my clothes are gathered for Necro. I still need to find my binder but that's it. I am fairly certain it is in the wash, so that's not too bad.
- Goblin Fruit updated! I am nesting in lovely poetry until I have to go out again.
- I still need to go out and get a labcoat and stockings but I'm all right with that. Everything else is gathered together so I am trying not to stress
- I still don't really have money but I do have a ride! I am going to get there quite early but that's all right, I'll deal with that.
- I have a psych eval on Monday. I am trying very hard not to stress out about this. it....really wants to eat my brain however.
- I think that's it for now, the next time I update, will probably be between panels at Necro. Woosh!
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Today has been a slightly better day. It has not been great but I've been marginally functional and while I spent most of the day in bed, it could be worse. I'm going to hopefully try and bed down by three and get up by noon tomorrow and stay up. That is my plan.

Tomorrow's tarot post will probably not happen either becuase I've just not had the energy levels. Hopefully I will do one next Monday (If I was not going to a con on Friday, I would do Thursday but yes).

Uhm,...I know there are other things, I just don't think I have the brain to say them right now. I wrote a si.lly song about zombies earlier and I am doing recordingthings again because of Plurk. So yes.

I...have kind of run out of words. I am going to see about food, I think. Or coffee.
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My life in list form.

- Necro was awesome. I mean really, really awesome. There were panels, there were chatting, there was music! THere was just a lot of really, really awesome stuff.
- I am sick which is not thrilling.
- I am going to see a free movie tonight.
- I may or may not have acquired a job
- I have been really bad about therapy this week
- I am still listening to too many podcasts.
- I need food
- My brain wants to be dysfunctional but I am trying my damnedest to not let it win.

I meant to do a real post, I really did but then Firefox crashed and it didn't come back up, so I did this instead. Maybe there will be real posts in the future but we shall see.
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At the con I managed to collect a number of links and names to look up later. Since Alex and I need to exchange this information, I thought I would just type everything up and make a post. There will be a general con report coming later and an author pimp post (though I've not read any of them yet, they will just be names of people who sound awesome), though I'm not sure if those will come today or tomorrow. We shall see how my brain feels for the rest of the day.

I should also state that this list may be added to as I go through the flyers that I collected. What you see before you is simply the list of things I took down on note cards and nothing more. If it looks like there are going to be a lot of additions, the flyers may just get their own post.

The Chromatics
Coyote Run (No link that I found)
Boogie Knights
Julie Brown
Firebird Arts And Music

Cemetery Dance
Dragon Moon Press
Create Space
Smash Words
[Writing critique]
Gabrielle Edits

The Witches Brew
Enchanted Earth
Meet Up
All World Acres
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So, while listening to my book rec podcast, I've also been poking a bit at my NaNo. I ahve a lot of things gathered up and saved either on the computer and in my head but I realized that I didn't utilize something that was right in front of me.

You guys!

So, I come forth with a question for one and all: What are your favorite urban fantasy tropes and, for that matter, what are some of your least favorite?

My NaNo this year, amongst other things, is going to be poking at all of those tropes and twisting them around to hopefully be something new. It was supposed to be a satire but I'm not entirely sure it falls into that genre anymore.

So yes, drop by and tell me about the things you love and hate about the subgenre and help be inspiration!
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First, today is coming out day. I have no one to come out to but in case somehow you've missed it:

- I'm pansexual
- I'm polyamorous
- I'm gender fluid
- I'm kinky

These are all fun facts about your average Nina that everyone should be aware of.

Next, things about the general state:

- I had had tasty milkshakes and tea instead of going to therapy.
- I got my ear pierced (two holes in my right ear to go with the holes I had on my left)
- I went to Borders
- I went to the mall
- These things were not done in that order
- I now have lovely, tasty tea to try.
- I am going to Necro this year and will be booking tickets and various things before the end of the night.
- My mother is not home and it's a lovely thing
- I have to get up tomorrow and go to therapy.
- I turn twenty tomorrow
- I have a psychiatrist appointment on Wednesday.
- I have to find food for dinner because Sofu went to my aunt's.
- I have been listening to lots and lots of podcasts.
- I have come up with a new verse.
- I have admitted to a crush.
- I have downloaded excessive amounts of music.
- I have no shoes on
- I am a pleased, pleased creature.

Tomorrow might not be as good as today but I have no complaints about how this day has been and I really hope that I can go to sleep feeling this way.
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Things/Quotes we got out of Necro

- House/Wilson/Dumbledore = OTP.
- "There's nothing left for me to do but sit here ad drink the beer."
- "A woman in front of you, on her knees. Now that's normal!"
- "There are two options: prostitution and ple dancing."
- Girlscout cookie!sex.
- "That's not sex so much as it's several kinds of vaginal diseases."
- "Was it labelled 'Castration time'?"
- "It wasn't so much rape as there were consensual issues."
- "There is no Happy Malfoy Incest."
- "Pardon me but your character died 3 pages ago."
- "They used blood as their lube and then went right back to work!"

And then the one that really sums it all up?

- "This is batshit cheese!?" [And yes, we are speaking quite literally.]


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