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1) Not awake yet. I went sleep and I can't get it because A) took my Prozac already and that fucks up my sleep now that I am on more and B) I just can't sleep. I've been awake for an hour.

2) I've been rubbish at commenting, both here and on other people's journals. I'm sorry for that. As you guys can guess, it's been a rough ride this last month or so, but I am working on it.

3) I'm kind of sucking at [community profile] letthesummerin even though I have three months to do what I want and part of the reason it's three months long is so that there is not nearly as much pressure on me to produce something every day. I just....Yeah. I don't know.

4) I am trying to get active in [community profile] beyondtherift again. I think I am going to manage it this time which is exciting.

5) I need to get back to my other blog at some point. And drawing. And other things, I just...brain. My brain has sucked so very hard that it's difficult to do anything.

6) Still reading Blackout by Mira Grant with Morgan. We're having a hard time getting through it because we flail so hard. Still though, we're getting through it and it's been really fun to read along with someone/be read to by another person rather than an audiobook.

7) Speaking of Morgan, I will get them next week. *spins* This is not a bad thing, as I kind of need them right now. I...yeah. Having them will be good and seeing them before I take off to New York will be even better.

8) Have an appointment with my therapist for 1:30 on Tuesday and an appointment with the psychiatrist on Thursday at an unknown time. I think I am going to tell the latter that the pills are making me batshit i8nsane and that I am crashing harder and more frequently than I have in a while.

9) Acquired some games last night. I really want to play Amnesia but it doesn't like Anthea. I enjoy Limbo though and Vincent is trying to get me to play Bastion really, really hard. It's kind of amusing. I will probably cave in at some point today to try and entertain myself for a few hours and give myself something to do.

10) Caffeine is love.
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*does a dance of joy* Finished Daughter Of Smoke And Bone!

Not my favorite book in the world but good enough that I think I would rec it to certain people who i thought could be interested in it. I think, if I liked the main character more, I could possibly re-read this but she just...didn't really jive with me, I did however, like just about everyone else and the fact that it was not set in the US or UK and some of the mythology and some spoilery things that I won't mention here.

Also, the acknowledgments were absolutely adorable. <3
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Currently Reading:
Discount Armageddon - Seanan McGuire
Two Worlds And In Between - Caitlin R. Kiernan
Contents My Have Shifted - Pam Houston
Welcome To Bordertown
The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
Don't Know Much About Mythology - Kennith C. Davis
Daughter Of Smoke And Bone - Laini Taylor

Note: Some of those are short stories, some of thoe are being listened to rather than read and some of those are just plain being read, that is how I manage to have that man7 books going at once.

Recently Read:
The Name Of The Star - Maureen Johnson
Countdown - Mira Grant
Fragile Things - Neil Gaiman

To Be Read:
Coldfire Trilogy
Ash - Melinda Lo
God's War - Kameron Hurley
Warchild - Karin Lowachee
The Thorn And The Blossom - Theodora Goss
Chime - Franny Billingslehy
This Is My Letter To Te World - Catheryne M Valente
Stolen Away - Alyxandra Harvey
The Modern Fe's Guide To Surviving Humanity
Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn barnes
Magic Bitews - Iiona Andrews
The Drowning Girl - Caitlin R. Kiernin
Huntress - Malinda Lo
The Child Thief - Brom
Among Others - Jo Walton

And If I don't quit now, I am just going ot keep going and going and going.
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Where do I even start, folks? Where do I even start?

I want to start reading something, I don't know what but something. I've been re-reading Fragile Things as it is a bit of a comfort book fo9r me but I feel like I should start something new. Contents May Have Shifted needs to get finished but I am picking through that slowly, as it is something that lets e do so. Discount Armageddon needs to get finished but I've not quite been in the right mood.

I don't know. I feel like reading but I just have no idea what.

Plus I ahve new books to start! Or rather, I have new books to track down and read when I get the chance. I just need to do that. I'm not sure3 when I'll do that but it will happen soonish, I suspect. I'm craving words and music just isn't doing it for me right now.
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It's World Book Day! *spins and dances and purrs happily*

Okay, well it's WBD in the UK. I think in the US it's April 15th but I am not certain. BUT THE POINT IS TO CELEBRATE BOOKS!

I am so happy right now it's kind of sad.

So! I think everyone should talk about their favorite books, what they're reading or book related happy times they've had. Any one of them will do! All of them will do! I just want to hear people happily talk about books.

Also, if you want to signal boost this because it would be fun and you want to celebrate it with me, feel free. I do not mind in the slightest.
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Still sick though I'm not dying quite so much anymore. It's kind of nice to be able to go five minutes without coughing, though the cough meds that are seeing me through this whole thing are just terrible. I'm thinking by Saturday I might be a real person again, though I'm not entirely certain.
I'm finally at i>Changes in my Dresden read-through. It only took me about a year to get through them all! Granted, I did a huge chunk of listening from January of this year onwards but I started my reading in May of last year so. *shrug* I'm really in the mood to acquire American Gods but I'm trying not to do that until I finish Changes. We'll see if I manage.

I'm sensing a general Gaiman read-through after Dresden, not that I really need to read Fragile Things again but whatever.

There are also writingthings that need to get worked on really soon. I may wind up taking a hiatus from RP for a while after i get my brain together and focus mainly on writing for a bit and see if that helps. I'm not sure though.. We'll see if I can balance both. I know right now I don't have much of a shot at either unless I go reeeally slowly.

And to wrap up th8is post, have a meme.

Ask me a question about one of my stories or my approach to writing in general. It can be absolutely anything in any fic and I will tell you the honest-to-god answer. Don’t hold back. Anything. Whatever you ask, I will try my best to answer.
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So I got a reference book on superstitions in the mail today (yes, Morgan, it's the one we saw at the bookstore. Fount it for supercheap on Amazon. God, I love the internet) and it kind of got me wondering.

What are your favorite superstitions from around the world?

I'd share my own but I'm not really well versed in them. My family has their own small traits but they aren't really superstitions. Anyway, I thought it would be an interesting question, as I remember one night where Morgan and I stayed up all night and pretty late into the day reading about all manner of superstitions and we foudn them fascinating.

So yes, superstitions. Tell me about them. Which ones do you like, which ones make you just facepalm. Which ones do you personally follow and which ones do you like the idea of but can't actually buy into.

....Hm, that got more in depth than I intended.

Alternatively, if you're lazy and just want to help me try and get something written, pick a number between 1 and 294 and earn yourself a random drabble on one fo the many superstitions within my new shiny book.
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Good Things That Have Happened Today:
- I got coffee.
- I got books (The first Dresden book, A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore and a collection of poems by Leonard Cohen.)
- I've turned in the application for the apartment (again)
- I posted fic.
- I got the Master set up.
- I aquired two new lighters.
- I have money in the bank.

You know, it hasn't exactly been eventful but damnit, I can almost say I'm bcontent with today.
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So, does anyone have their old Animorphs books that they don't want? Because I'm craving, I'm craving really, really badly and my family SOLD MINE.

I will share something wonderful and glorious and fangirl-reducing if anyone can aid me in my endeavor*.

Well, okay, it may not reduce YOU to fangirlism but it's left San and I looking like overcaffeinated epileptics on speed.
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Things I have gained this weekend:
- Assurance that my mother is crazy
- The Serenity comic.
- Doctor Who: The Forgotten #6
- Momento
- Bright Lights, Big City.
- Seven new verses.
- The knowledge that there is a peaceful place to run to close by my house and an awesome place to get ice cream and milkshakes (and movies!).
- Many a good quote.
- New bits of writing on my Wall.
- I'm sure there are other things too, lots of them in fact, but I can't actually remember them at this very second. The point is that this weekend was win.
- Oh! We have chocolate sauce, whipped cream and cherries. Yummmmm.

The week so far has not been nearly as much fun as our weekend, I'm sad to say. Slept a lot, attended classes, wandered around Ybor City in the cold. I did remember to take pictures while I was doing it, so yay for that!

Yeah, not many interesting things to say, I'm afraid. Oh well.

And now a love meme.


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