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So, today has been...something. Definitely not bad just sort of amusing ad odd. I have no idea when it got to be so late but it certainly doesn't feel like five-thirty.

Oh! Alex finished her fanmix! I am proud and far too amused at the same time.

Ordering pizza under the name of Saxon still has not lost it's charm. yes, we caved and ordered pizza instead of cooking. Lazy girls are lazy, so what?

I also bought a pair of earrings today. They are quite lovely and I look forward to getting them.

There was also a pimping post for the Embassy! This technically doesn't need to be linked but I'm feeling link happy right now, so clearly it must be done!

Also, hot cocoa, at one point or another, became retcon. I feel that this statement sums up my day pretty well. *nod*

I am going to switch the DVD and then try and be a productive member of the internet. Either that or continue to straighten various things. One or the other.
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Drive-by post is drive-by!

I am alive, I am surviving I am...also not going to be around for the rest of the week. By Monday everything is going to be back in order and hunky dory but right now I'm taking a bit of a break form net shaped things.

If anyone really needs to get in touch with me, go ahead and call. If you don't know the number, drop a comment here and...I don't know, someone who does know it may pass it along.

Beyond that, I have good thoughts for everyone and will see one and all on Monday!

P.S. The cane did wind up getting a name and it's not Wilson, sorry to say. However, some time soon I shall show off Jack Fairy aka Jack Crane.
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Okay, so remember the health issues and and hospital thing? Well yes, it's left my legs a bit fucked up and I've found myself using a cane for a while.

So, clearly that means I need to name it.

It's a light bronze and brown and fairly light and uhm....My brain is short\ circuiting but the point is I need a name and I a failing miserably at coming up with one.

So, I come to you friends list, asking for help because if not, I'm doomed to never use it and Alex will be the one to suffer (she's stuck lending me support now and god knows she's doing enough for me as it is).

Actually, I'm going to go ahead and also take the moment to announce yet again that my girlfriend is astounding. I know I did it recently and I know stuff like this can get irritating but such things need stating. She's been wonderful to me, bloody fucking wonderful and I am lucky to have her.

There, not as long as last time but still said. And will continue to be said. Someone, somewhere will eventually want to hit e, I suspect but I'm okay with that.
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There is going to be a real update soon:

Sesame Street/Communism OTP

Yeah, it's been a special sort of day.
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We may have just roasted things over a tin can Yeah, we're kinda special.

However, I would like to point out you can cook hot dogs, veggies and fish over it pretty effectively. Also, slightly roasted Oreos are not a bad thing.

And the Russian accent was distributed all throughout the experience. It was pleasing.
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My girlfriend is amazing.

Actually she is fantabulous and brilliant and on crack but y'know.

There was more, there was things about Russians and love and the Hostess Twinkie snack cake but my brain short circuited.
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No real update save for the fact that I've failed to be alive. I will get on that later on.

However, I am updating to say that Alex is speaking in nothing but quotes/lyrics/random shit like that and I am far too amused. Also, if you happen to have suggestions of random interesting things that should be said, clearly you should let us know.

One day I'll either get an interesting life or one that's more productive.
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There are bodies outside our apartment but don't worry, we hae enough yoghurt, popcorn and coffee to last.
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So, today has been a big frustration but one thing has made things better.

We needed a hammer, so we went around to our neighbours asking for one. The first few doors didn't answer but then a nice guy opened the door and very gladly gave us his silver hammer.

We do not know his name.

If anyone wants me, I'm going to be blasting the Beatles and taking pictures of Alex attempt to make us a bookcase and instead simply gaining a personal vendetta against the thing.
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Guys! I have internet! Not only do I have internet but I have internet, electric, food (sort of) and all the stuff people need to live in an apartment.

Guys? I'm living in an apartment. By myself (for now anyway).

*glees and is damn proud she's not dead yet*

Sunday was spent moving everything here, unpacking and getting things organized. Then, once that was done, San, Kat and I got out the salt and started blessing the dishware and smoking cloves outside while it rained. It was...Kind of win. Several degrees of win, actually.

Yesterday I sat around waiting for the internet guy who didn't show but considering that most of the time was also spent listening to GNeil read audiobooks, I can't say it was that much of a disappointment.

Then, Sofu picked me up and took me back to the house so I could pick up Lord Henry, do a quick internet check (make sure I was still GETTING it) and we had dinner. Mmm, crab. My mother needs to have emotional breakdowns that end in food more often.

And today...Well, I have no idea what I'm doing today. I need to go out and get some things that I still don't have but kind of really need and then I'm just..Existing. We shall see.

I will take clear pictures of the apartment soon, since the ones I did take are kind of dodgy.
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So, freezer wars continue.

Us: 1
Freezer: 3

....No, we're not going to talk about it.

My day has been filed with movies, hats and wholesome Nazi love.

Now I'm going to make coffee and life will be grant.
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I am having pizza tonight and it is entirely [livejournal.com profile] littlesilvered and [livejournal.com profile] dreamsofstars fault.

I'm only sad that it will not be evil and Sarah filled.

But it does have pineapples, so I guess that makes up for it.
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My grandmother has been making meat pies all day and I have been cleaning, setting my OMGNEWTV and singing Sweeney Todd.

Road to recovery: I think I might finally be on it.
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I love having friends who feed me on a semi-regular basis. It makes getting nutrition easier.

Also? A slight variant of this is absolutely delicious and quickly becoming essential to my life.

I've also stabbed someone with a fork, played with my pets and had coffee. Today has been a good day. A good, tasty day.

Edit: Also, there was another battle of San vs freezer. I think this point has to go to the freezer though. It got her twice.

The Standings as of now:
Us: 1
Freezer: 1

Obviously there will have to be a tie-breaker sometime soon. Probably next time we go shopping.
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Freezer: 0
San and I: 1.

You, my icy friend, can blow me.

(Yes, we just spent a good fifteen minutes having an epic reorganization battle with the freezer. I dare anyone to tell me we don't know how to live.)
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So, does anyone have their old Animorphs books that they don't want? Because I'm craving, I'm craving really, really badly and my family SOLD MINE.

I will share something wonderful and glorious and fangirl-reducing if anyone can aid me in my endeavor*.

Well, okay, it may not reduce YOU to fangirlism but it's left San and I looking like overcaffeinated epileptics on speed.
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Yes, there is going to be spam tonight. I am terribly sorry.

San and I are sitting here and we both come to realize that we have the tune for the Enzyte commercials stuck in our heads. No idea why, just do.

Something has gone wrong somewhere but neither of us know what exactly it is.
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I am wearing socks that I adore. They are brown and orange with turquoise designs on them and over the knee and have little dangley orange puffballs on them.

I don't care if they sound (and probably are) ugly as hell. I absolutely love them.

And no, this entry has no other purpose than sock-squee. *is a loser*


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