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Still sick though I'm not dying quite so much anymore. It's kind of nice to be able to go five minutes without coughing, though the cough meds that are seeing me through this whole thing are just terrible. I'm thinking by Saturday I might be a real person again, though I'm not entirely certain.
I'm finally at i>Changes in my Dresden read-through. It only took me about a year to get through them all! Granted, I did a huge chunk of listening from January of this year onwards but I started my reading in May of last year so. *shrug* I'm really in the mood to acquire American Gods but I'm trying not to do that until I finish Changes. We'll see if I manage.

I'm sensing a general Gaiman read-through after Dresden, not that I really need to read Fragile Things again but whatever.

There are also writingthings that need to get worked on really soon. I may wind up taking a hiatus from RP for a while after i get my brain together and focus mainly on writing for a bit and see if that helps. I'm not sure though.. We'll see if I can balance both. I know right now I don't have much of a shot at either unless I go reeeally slowly.

And to wrap up th8is post, have a meme.

Ask me a question about one of my stories or my approach to writing in general. It can be absolutely anything in any fic and I will tell you the honest-to-god answer. Don’t hold back. Anything. Whatever you ask, I will try my best to answer.
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Upper respiratory infection, ear infection and allergies.

Good times.

I do, however, now have cough medicine, antibiotics, a sandwich and Dr Pepper. There will be food and then lots and lots of sleep.
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*is a zombie*

I've caught deathplage again. I'm not sure if this is allergies or if it's a cold or if it's a combination of the two but I've been coughing like a mad thing since Saturday/Friday and I'm ready to just curl up and pass out.

I keep trying to brain for things and it does not work. I have the motivation to stare at my computer screen and watch things a little and that's about it.

I'm getting to a d9octor tomorrow, so hopefully that will end in drugs that make me functional.

If anyone wants me, I'm going to be under the bed trying not to die.
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I have chocolate!

I also have strep throat, a chest and ear infection but whatever. That's okay because of chocolate!

I also got Pet Sematary and a toy lightsaber for Three Kings day. It kind of made me smile because I thought I wasn't getting anything this year. I guess, as long as I'm in this house, I get free shit. I'm okay with that.

II need to tackle tags and possibly get caffeine and headache medication. Then I can go ahead and start to actually do something productive. I'm also kind of in the mood for a meme but I don't know what kind. We will see if I do anything depending on if I manage to get any writingthings done.

But yes, I have nothing else of interest, not that this is horribly interesting but y;'know.
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Hell's motherfucking bells.

I am going to punch babies if I don't start getting better soon. I have a doctor's appointment set for tomorrow, so hopefully that will mean antibiotics and I can head off the ear infection that's on it's way and I can remember what it's like to go an hour without feeling like I'm about to cough up my insides.

I hate being fucking sick. I hate the mood it puts me in. I hate everything.
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If anyone is wondering where I am, I'm curled up in my bed, infected with deathplague.

I am writing though! Granted, I'm writing about deathplague but damnit, it is making me feel better.

Today is going to involve getting into the shower, finding food that does not make me sick, hopefully doing tags if not doing tags writing more for the deathplague fic and sleeping.

I should call people too but meh, my body does not want to go into the light where the phone numbers for the doctors and my cellphone are.
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No writing got done because my body basically decided that it has had enough of being functional and proceeded to catch the deathplague again.

This would be fine if I could have just slept through the day but my brain was just awake enough to keep my body from sleeping the while time, so I pretty much wound up curling up in bed and listening to things all day while trying to sum up enough brain to write.

I got one tag done.

Hopefully tomorrow will go better than today. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning and I am going to try to go to bed in a few minutes to see if the combination of sleep meds, sick meds and not moving for several hours will leave me feeling better.

I do not know if it will work but I will cross my fingers.
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Things what are pleasing:
- my girlfriend. (Who probably makes me pathetically happy but fuck if I care. She is a brilliant being, she is.)
- the fact that I have managed to type this much without anything happening to my text.
- The fact that my brain is no more physically screwed up than it has ever been
- Sleep.
- My aunt's fascination with ThinkGeek.
0 Cafes with tasty food and nice people.
0 The fact that, despite my attempts to write posts (and tags for that matter) failing miserably, it has had little to do with the fact that I've been in the wrong state of mind. (Hurrah for outside influences?)
- My mother being mostly tolerable.
- We have everything to make brownies whenever I feel up to it.

Things what are not pleasing:
- Waking up with a headache and not three minutes after, having something fall into my eye and being unable to flush it out.
- Doctors, especially neurologists but really, doctors in general.
- The fact that, because he has no battery at the moment, I can't unplug him. This has happened and I have lost tags/posts multiple times today.
- The bits of my mother that are not tolerable, even now.
- My own occasional fail. (Had to look over something before the neurologist and really would have been better looking at it while I was still at home).

There are other things that belong on these lists but I am still not awake. I am going to attempt to stay in the world of the conscious and hopefully get though some tags/do some productive Embassy stuff then....Meh, I don't know. Things. Useful things and if not useful tan at least interesting. The words are interchangeable to me at this point.
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My plans for the day:
Start the laundry
Get lunch
Go to school and get classes resolved
Start doing the cast lists for [livejournal.com profile] chaos_thon
Possibly look through [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic and bookmark prompts.
Enjoy the fact that my girlfriend is finally going to be home.

Alex is going to be home at 2, Sofu is picking me up at 3 and if I'm lucky, I should be home before 6.

My back is pretty bad today, not too sure why. I'm going to see if the warm water helps and if not, I'm going to need to edit the list above to add 'use the massage thing for half an hour and see if it helps'.

I also need to track down my magnifier. I have managed to lose the damn thing in less than twenty four hours. Hopefully it's at Sofu's and if not? Well, I'm not going to think about if not. I'd rather not have to purchase yet another one.
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Alive am I, though my brain's too many different kinds of fuzz and I'm sick.

Cold sick is not something that is welcome. Bah at the cold. Bah.

Things have happened. Food has been consumed, people have seen me breathing. Exciting exciting.

One day I'll do this properly. Not today.

Doing things that are not typing now.
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This weekend? Several degrees of win?

The aftermath of this weekend (sleeping for fifteen hours, waking up from that little nap and being sore as hell)? Not so much.

I have Sports Night though plus the fact that today is the last day of class and I will probably come home and either sleep or watch more pleasing TV.

I ought to try and catch up on more internet stuff but that may not happen until tomorrow. We shall see.

And as the last thing, have a meme.

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Mothers Day went surprisingly well, or rather, my mother my mother didn't go batshit for any reason.

I, on the other hand, remember why I do not go out very often this time of year. I haven't been able to shake the feeling that I'm going to be completely ill for....I don't even know how long.

Granted, I'm sure it's not helping that I've been sick all weekend but still. This? Can stop any time it bloody well likes to. I am over it.

I might see if showering will help. Don't ask me HOW but showers cure everything, damnit.
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Excuse me insides? I thought we were pretty much over this whole 'being sick' business. I do not appreciate sneezing so many times I'm not quite sure if I'll manage to breath.

Also, I am not allowed to go buy discounted Easter candy until I have started my fucking project. if I do not hold true to this, someone needs to beat me senseless with an Easter bunny.

And now it's time for cake.
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I taste sickness on my lips and it's like too much sleep with not enough water.

Might shower in a bit to try and make myself feel better but...meh. My throat's starting to get sore and ju...*flails* This is not the week for me to get sick,

I'm getting water, ginger ale, then writing. Maybe if I a productive, I'll make my insides forget that they hate me. Yes, my logics are awesome and you know it.


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