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I am sharing a desk with Jiminy which, while very sweet, is a bit cramped. Ih well. The fac that ti have a kitty to pet whenever I'd like is quite awesome.

So, out of curiousity, is there any sort of White Collar Polyficfest going on? Or went on? Or anything. Ever since the other peopst, I've been cravy lots and lots of WCpolyfic that isn't necessarily El/Peter/Neal (not that I don't love or want them involved in the fic I just sort of crave other fic).

C'mon? Someone can't tell me that Sara/Alex/Neal wouldn't be awesome and fun to work around. Or Peter/El/Diana/Christie Or even Mozzie/El/Peter/Neal.

And Jones sleeps with all of them, because I didn't actually nmention him in a group but I love him anyway.

I j8ust want to see all the polyfic. Aaaaaall of it.
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Tonight, I have spent all my time writing fic in which all the main (and some of the secondary) characters of White Collar are in an epic poly family. Sara is the newest member and she is trying to navigate what it's like to be involved with someone who's poly (and learning that she might be as well).

The other day, I spent my time writing fic in which Jim Moriarty runs a tea shop and Vincent Adler is the tarot reader who rents his back rooms.

Guys? I have no idea what's going on with my ficbrain but I am horribly amused.
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Someone needs to write me Nikola Tesla/Vincent Adler.

It would be awesome. So, so awesome.
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So, I've mentioned that I'm working on the Faefic, a White Collar fic that involves Peter, Neal, Elizabeth and lots and lots of faeries. It is going to be kind of epic (probably over 15k) and that's putting in scenes that need to be in there and general fixing up.

Anyway, I'm going to start the process soon. I'm still in the research period right now but I'm going to start organizing scenes again soon and start editing them. I was wondering if there was anyone who would be willing to beta them as I work through all of this?

It should be noted that I'm not writing the entire story [personal profile] chasethecloudsaway will be working on it as well, she's taking care of all of Peter's scenes and anything related to Diana, but I'm only asking on behalf of what I'm writing because I don't know if she would be interested in this. I just know that I would like a few extra pairs of eyes on the bits ad pieces that I'm working on.
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So Morgan and I have been working on this verse, right? It involves Peter getting kidnapped by the fae in hopes that he would join them in the Wild Hunt, Neal and Elizabeth getting him back and then Neal having to go back to Faerie and get back all the memories that Peter bargained aay while he was there.

It's a fun breaky little verse.

Anyway, we've both been writing for it pretty regularly, me more than her but that's because I'm a crazy person and can marathon write when my brain latches onto something. Well, I had the idea of maybe doing a Big Bang this year. I was probably going to do White Collar Big Bang since that's hat's eating my brain.

So, just for fun,, I put the scenes I'd written in order and checked to see just how many words I'd gotten.

That would be over nine thousand. XD I am clearly going to be doing a Big Bang this year.

What kills me is that these are just scenes. I need to fill in bits, make it more coherent and then Morgan needs to help me out with telling Peter's side of the story (everything takes place form Neal and Elizabeth's POV because I can't write Peter to save my life). By the time this fic is done, it is going to o be epic.

And yes,, I know there are longer fics out there but please understand that I am the monarch of drabbles and ficlets. I do not write fic this long...ever.
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Things that have happened/will happen in my life:
- My comma key broke so I am now going between two computers.
- One of my fics is being podficced for the Awesome Women Podfic Anthology
- I have fallen head over heels for White Collar
- I did my first scene with someone
- I eliminated several places to live on my big list of possibilities
- I talked my mother into taking me driving to look at apartments this weekend
- I am possibly going to the Phoenix Club this weekend.

And that's about it. My life is fairly dull but I am okay with that.

Oh becuase it's that time of the year:
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