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*headdesk* I have writing I need to do. I have fics that I owe that are already overdue and I have fics that I should really be working on before they get too backed up that I never do them and I have tags that really ought to get done (thoguh, at least I called hiatus so no one is *really*( waiting for those at the moment).

Instead, I think I am going to watch Doctor Who in preparation for the new series.


In other news, I''m still sickm, my sleeping schedule has gone to hell and I'm not actually going to see my psychologist until the fifth of next moth. So, guess I was wrong about that one. Oh well.
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So, I've been trying to work on my [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest fic as of late. It's not due until the end of next month but I'm trying to poke vaguely at it once a week or so because if not I'm either A) doomed to forget until the day before it's due or B) doomed to forget about it until the day it is due.

But my deadline fail is not the point of this tangent, so I'm just going to move on now.

The prompt I'm writing for is basically a trans metacrisis Doctor. There were actually several variations of this prompt floating around and because my brain so does love that character, I was quick to jump on board and grab one.

While I don't find myself having too much trouble working with anything, I have found myself really enjoying the concept of gender and what it would mean to Time Lords, though I'm not sure the weird tangents in my head actually make sense to anyone but me.
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So, today has been...something. Definitely not bad just sort of amusing ad odd. I have no idea when it got to be so late but it certainly doesn't feel like five-thirty.

Oh! Alex finished her fanmix! I am proud and far too amused at the same time.

Ordering pizza under the name of Saxon still has not lost it's charm. yes, we caved and ordered pizza instead of cooking. Lazy girls are lazy, so what?

I also bought a pair of earrings today. They are quite lovely and I look forward to getting them.

There was also a pimping post for the Embassy! This technically doesn't need to be linked but I'm feeling link happy right now, so clearly it must be done!

Also, hot cocoa, at one point or another, became retcon. I feel that this statement sums up my day pretty well. *nod*

I am going to switch the DVD and then try and be a productive member of the internet. Either that or continue to straighten various things. One or the other.
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So, we have an insane amount of pizza and it was delivered to Harold Saxon.

Yes, boys and girls, life is good.
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Things I have gained this weekend:
- Assurance that my mother is crazy
- The Serenity comic.
- Doctor Who: The Forgotten #6
- Momento
- Bright Lights, Big City.
- Seven new verses.
- The knowledge that there is a peaceful place to run to close by my house and an awesome place to get ice cream and milkshakes (and movies!).
- Many a good quote.
- New bits of writing on my Wall.
- I'm sure there are other things too, lots of them in fact, but I can't actually remember them at this very second. The point is that this weekend was win.
- Oh! We have chocolate sauce, whipped cream and cherries. Yummmmm.

The week so far has not been nearly as much fun as our weekend, I'm sad to say. Slept a lot, attended classes, wandered around Ybor City in the cold. I did remember to take pictures while I was doing it, so yay for that!

Yeah, not many interesting things to say, I'm afraid. Oh well.

And now a love meme.
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So, Daleks? Win.

Daleks bursting into rainbows and speaking in lolcats? Cracktastic lulzy win.

Oh yes, Sey is definitely made of brilliant sometimes.


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