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So, since sometime yesterday, I have been trying really hard to resist writing Nikola Tesla/Jekyll/Hyde. I know that it's screwing with the stuff set up in Sanctuary but I don't care. This is what AUs are for.

Beyond that, I've just been spending my days getting ready for NaNo/Ni90/the madness that is going to be November. I want to *start* already but I am holding off. I am probably going to go write more fic for the meme I did the other day though. Because I can and it will make me feel like I am doing something.

There is apparently going to be dinner at one of my aunt's friends places today, as it was my mother's birthday yesterday and they want to celebrate. I don't really care either way as long as I am home b midnight and since the kids need to go trick or treating, that's definitely happening.

On a completely unrelated subject, I am planning to watch all the TV today before November starts. Spooks and Sanctuary are both queued up and waiting for me to watch them which is exciting. I've been borrowing in musicals all day, so I kind of need to get my brain in gear for watching things but you know.

Aaaand I think that's it. I could have done this in list form, I realize but I didn't think about that. Oh well.
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So I keep meaning to make a journal entry but there's no way for me to manage that and to whine and I'm tired of doing that.

It's been a long and bad week, even though there were some good things involved. I'm glad it's over.

Been trying really hard to not let the headmates just do everything that isn't computer related but I caved yesterday and let Sangria take care of some shopping that needed to get done and a party. I still managed to freak out so badly that I made her sick and she managed to accidnetly get high off of the pills my mother gave her.

Yeah, I was a wreck yesterday. Luckily she was not. And that's not even including the several hour long trip back to the house that they had to go through. By that point I was just not really functioning much.

I have stuff to do tomorrow but I'm talking to the others and seeing who can do it for me. It's social security and more shopping. Stuff that I should probably do but know I'm not functiona enough for.

My mother's been especially horrible this week which you know, doesn't help. If I get told one more time that nobody loves, not my friends, not my partner, not my extended family, but my mother and my aunt, I'm going to just lose it.

Yeah, can you see why it's been tiring?

Anyway, I suppose this has been an update and it's not as whiny as my other attempts at starting them are, so yay on that.

I am going to just hide in tags and maybe writing. I would like to hide in writing, I just don't know if I'll get that lucky.
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So she bought me a ukulele. It is green.

Please don't ask em what the hell I'm going to do with it because I have no idea how to actually PLAY this thing and it did not come with an instruction manual.
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So, I managed to edit Claudia's story and now I'm in the right frame of mind to do a little bit more. What this means is that I'm finally going back to the Spice novel and am going to start working on that again. I'm going to probably give them a new journal here in DW and start fresh but I've been in the mood to work on big projects and considering that I actually got stuff written for them when I tried doing NaNo, it's the right sort of thing for my brain to concentrate on.

We never wound up going to the flea market today, y the by, it was just too hot. Sofu did buy fruit tarts though and they were quite tasty. We're going to the bookstore when the storm lets up and I'm going to try tagging when I get there.

If nothing else, I am not letting myself get a pumpkin latte until after I have done round of tags.

I think I had more to say but my brain is not working. I will try and do the writing meme later tonight and possibly redo my profile and a project list post.
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Today was unexpectedly good, i was made to go out but Sofu bought me a lufa spider and really nice cream from Bath And Body, so it was kinda worth it.

I've been itching to write for the City kids but I've not acted on it yet. I don't know what I'm going to do with them but I really want it to be November so I can start on the first book. I'm going to have the whole thing planned out before then, just because I'm jumping out of my skin to write it.

I still haven't done the edits yet but I started filling out the papers for my psychologist, so that's a good thing.

Tomorrow we're supposed to go to a flea market if the weather isn't bad and going to the bookstore if it isn't. So tomorrow probably won't be too bad a day which is nice.

I sort of want Monday to come just so I can talk to the case management people and figure out what I'm doing with my life. They're supposed to help me find living arrangements amongst many other things and getting that started would be really nice. Sofu is open to me moving before January which was half the battle, so no i just need to figure out what the hell it is I'm doing.

I...don't have too much else to say, honestly. I'm going to go and try to write in a few minutes and if that doesn't work, perhaps work on the edits because I've been working on them in my head all weekend. First though, I am getting coffee. Coffee is key to a productive evening.
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So, this week has not been the greatest so far. It's not been the worst but between having gotten kicked out of our mall for trying to do the questions, some financial issues and knowing that my mother will be, well, my other over it, I'm sort of waiting for the week to be over.

Anyway, I wasn't planning to do this meme but the name of it made me smile and the subject line in the entry sort of sealed the deal.

Be Excellent to Each Other - My Thread

And because I think it's probably not a bad thing to do, a list of things that, despite this week, make me happy.
- Alex.
- Coffee
- Sanctuary
- My desk
- Sex books
- The bookmark I found in one of the sex books
- Having food in the house
- Having the ability to write
- Music from my childhood
- Knowing that we do not have to move next month
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So, I am in the process of dying my hair and feeding myself. I wasn't actually planning to dye it but Sofu was willing to drive me to Walgreens after I helped her deliver some mail and well, here I am.

As for food...food is tasty.

Alex should be coming home soon and then tomorrow we are off to go cosmic bowling with my family for a birthday. *shrug* It should be...something.

I am still trying to write my damn fic for [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest but my brain keeps going to [community profile] kink_bingo and coming up with random things I want to do for it. I keep meaning to copy down my card and make notes for what I want to do but I keep failing at that.

I think, after I am done with my hair and have consumed food and I am not too tired, I'm going to try and plug away at fic again. I had actually started early yesterday but then my computer twitched and I lost everything I had done. It kinda puts me off working on it but I want to finish, damnit!

My food is boiling, I should go tend to that instead of talking about nothing that interesting on journals. *toddles off*
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Fun quote of the day.

[In the middle of a longer discussion on headvoices and mental health professionals assigning them to various parts of my psyche.]

Me: So, what's Eleanor Rigby?
Alex: The music in your soul.
Me: ....What are the Drums?
Alex: The other half of the music in your soul!

Besides that I have nothing of real interest to report. I went to Ybor on Saturday and that was fun. There was a music festival going on and they were playing things that made us happy.

I did, however, manage to sprain my ankle Saturday night. As you can imagine, this is not as happy-making. I'm doing okay, though the skin around the swelling is giving me a bit of trouble. Sofu's coming by later tonight with ace bandages and a nice blanket for me, so I suppose things could be worse.

Also, the storm that's been going in and out all day has made things much better than they could be.

I have a boatload of tags that need to be done, more writing that I should do and various other things but for the next few days, I predict that I shall be existing on the couch or the floor watching things or zoning out to music. We shall see though. If I get pain meds, then there's half a chance I will be up and about.

But yes, that's about all. I shall...I don't know, go off and consider food. Food sounds like a good plan
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By the end of the night, I am going to be heavily drugged. At least I shall sleep though. This is a wonderful thought.

Here's to another ten years.
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So, eight in the morning sees me awake, exhausted and waiting for my mother to pick me up. The urge to sleep is a little overwhelming but the prospect of A) money and B) groceries is going to keep me awake, at least until I can get caffeine.

I haven't had much tagbrain lately but I've actually managed to write two fics this week, each longer than I expected. It's actually really nice, since my writingbrain has been utter fail lately.

Okay, going to try and tag into a post, then packing everything up and hopefully heading out.
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Things what are pleasing:
- my girlfriend. (Who probably makes me pathetically happy but fuck if I care. She is a brilliant being, she is.)
- the fact that I have managed to type this much without anything happening to my text.
- The fact that my brain is no more physically screwed up than it has ever been
- Sleep.
- My aunt's fascination with ThinkGeek.
0 Cafes with tasty food and nice people.
0 The fact that, despite my attempts to write posts (and tags for that matter) failing miserably, it has had little to do with the fact that I've been in the wrong state of mind. (Hurrah for outside influences?)
- My mother being mostly tolerable.
- We have everything to make brownies whenever I feel up to it.

Things what are not pleasing:
- Waking up with a headache and not three minutes after, having something fall into my eye and being unable to flush it out.
- Doctors, especially neurologists but really, doctors in general.
- The fact that, because he has no battery at the moment, I can't unplug him. This has happened and I have lost tags/posts multiple times today.
- The bits of my mother that are not tolerable, even now.
- My own occasional fail. (Had to look over something before the neurologist and really would have been better looking at it while I was still at home).

There are other things that belong on these lists but I am still not awake. I am going to attempt to stay in the world of the conscious and hopefully get though some tags/do some productive Embassy stuff then....Meh, I don't know. Things. Useful things and if not useful tan at least interesting. The words are interchangeable to me at this point.
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My plans for the day:
Start the laundry
Get lunch
Go to school and get classes resolved
Start doing the cast lists for [livejournal.com profile] chaos_thon
Possibly look through [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic and bookmark prompts.
Enjoy the fact that my girlfriend is finally going to be home.

Alex is going to be home at 2, Sofu is picking me up at 3 and if I'm lucky, I should be home before 6.

My back is pretty bad today, not too sure why. I'm going to see if the warm water helps and if not, I'm going to need to edit the list above to add 'use the massage thing for half an hour and see if it helps'.

I also need to track down my magnifier. I have managed to lose the damn thing in less than twenty four hours. Hopefully it's at Sofu's and if not? Well, I'm not going to think about if not. I'd rather not have to purchase yet another one.
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Happy holidays! Whether it's Christmas or the day or whatever else you'd like to be wished.

Frantically getting ready has already started around here. Food is baking, people are running in and out trying to get things and I am...Well, poking the internet. Granted this is only until my mother gets back with strawberries and alcohol so I can start the last two deserts I need to make but eh.

Going back to the apartment later because I left my Christmas gifts and then around 7:30 we go to my aunts for the proper celebrating. Then tomorrow I'm off with that side of the family to spend the day with Chris' mother and then Saturday I go home again.

Mmm, I think it's actually starting to feel like the season. Neat.
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Going to Sofu's for Christmas, back on Saturday.

Either this is going to be good for my mental state (baking, gifts, showers) or I'm going to curl up in a ball and not move (Sofu, ....Sofu).

I did write last night though! Granted it was a silly fluffy shortthing but there was writing! Plus I'm considering hopping in on Yuletide Madness since there were one or two things I spied that I could do. I don't know though, we'll see. I'm gonna try and write SOMETHING else tonight, if only so maybe i can start up the habit of writing every day again.

And if not? I wll take comfort in brownies.

Speaking of which, the things I am going to be making in the next twenty four hours:
Boom Booms
Rum Balls
Amaretto cake
Peppermint bark (Hopefully made less truamatic with the subtraction of Brooke and her slave labour ways).

RIght, going to down coffee and then start getting ready to go. Yay for updates?
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Things that have been acquired in the past twenty four hours:
- An electric mixer
- A proper sized coffee maker (that I have rather gleefully broken in)
- A cat carrier
- Christmas ornaments
- Measuring cups
- Milk

Yay free stuff! My mother can drive me up the bloody wall sometimes but then she brings us free things and I forgive her.
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Even my mother has embraced the fact that I will never have a perfect attendance record for as long as I live.

*settles back with a cup of coffee and some popcorn*
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Today has been another one of those days where I've been asleep more hours than I've been awake. I would be more annoyed by this if I wasn't still half asleep currently and quite content otherwise.

Apparently though, Sofu's arriving home and we're grabbing dinner out. This is...kind of exciting. Not terribly but whenever we go out to eat it's usually not a bad experience, so that's nice.

There aren't too many words at my disposal right now but I feel like I should write. Write or plot or....Something. I don't know. I keep meaning to pull out my whiteboard and use it for various things but I've yet to actually go through with it. I may give that a go once I return home. Either that or possibly make more playlists. I'm in the mood to be nice to people.

Actually, I'm still in a very list-oriented mood. Hm. I should come up with a list of lists and proceed from there.

But first, I think there will be coffee. Tastytasty coffee.
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Exciting points in my current existence:
- I have cookies. (White chocolate macadamia nut!)
- There's a good storm out.
- Star Trek film is in my fairly near future.
- As is Alex.
- Sofu isn't being batshit.
- Sleeping in as late as I have has been ridiculously nice.

I think today we were going to try and do something but I've no idea what that was. I may go out in a bit and see if she's got plans on leaving the house and, if not, I'm going to go curl up in my chair and zone out to music. Possibly write, if I feel so inclined but today is a music day. Music or just listening to the rain. Either one will be quite enjoyable.
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Mothers Day went surprisingly well, or rather, my mother my mother didn't go batshit for any reason.

I, on the other hand, remember why I do not go out very often this time of year. I haven't been able to shake the feeling that I'm going to be completely ill for....I don't even know how long.

Granted, I'm sure it's not helping that I've been sick all weekend but still. This? Can stop any time it bloody well likes to. I am over it.

I might see if showering will help. Don't ask me HOW but showers cure everything, damnit.


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