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Y'know, I meant to do other things besides sleep yesterday. That did not happen.

Well, that's a lie. I watched two movies but besides that? Yeah, nothing but epic amounts of sleep. I feel awake today though? So at least there's that.

MyMy day, or how it should go.
10AM-12:30PM: Write in
1PM-4PM Tampa Munch (yes, I am going! *dances*)
Sometime after 4 PM-Tomorrow: San's house.

My day will be epic and awesome, of this I am sure.

Now I should decide if I am going to try and do a round of tags before or after I shower. *ponderponder*
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First, today is coming out day. I have no one to come out to but in case somehow you've missed it:

- I'm pansexual
- I'm polyamorous
- I'm gender fluid
- I'm kinky

These are all fun facts about your average Nina that everyone should be aware of.

Next, things about the general state:

- I had had tasty milkshakes and tea instead of going to therapy.
- I got my ear pierced (two holes in my right ear to go with the holes I had on my left)
- I went to Borders
- I went to the mall
- These things were not done in that order
- I now have lovely, tasty tea to try.
- I am going to Necro this year and will be booking tickets and various things before the end of the night.
- My mother is not home and it's a lovely thing
- I have to get up tomorrow and go to therapy.
- I turn twenty tomorrow
- I have a psychiatrist appointment on Wednesday.
- I have to find food for dinner because Sofu went to my aunt's.
- I have been listening to lots and lots of podcasts.
- I have come up with a new verse.
- I have admitted to a crush.
- I have downloaded excessive amounts of music.
- I have no shoes on
- I am a pleased, pleased creature.

Tomorrow might not be as good as today but I have no complaints about how this day has been and I really hope that I can go to sleep feeling this way.
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I love my girlfriend.

I don't do love filled posts that often but I'm doing it now.

This week has been hell, I've been in the hospital (were not talking about it), everyone's been stressed, I'...Kind of fucked up mentally and physically right now but Alex has been nothing but the best.

She's a treasure you guys, an honest to goodness treasure who is taking wonderful care of me and dealing with shit and doing it all with a surprising amount of grace.

At least this is how I feel.

San too, deserves love, for what I hear she's doing a lot for us right now but this is nothing new.

I will always and forever be lucky to know the people I know.


Dec. 4th, 2009 06:23 am
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After conversing with [livejournal.com profile] allaroughdraft a few days ago and [livejournal.com profile] dreamingofmab tonight, I have come to the conclusion that there needs to be something in my life.

A post.

A party post.

So, I present to you!

The holiday post of fun and silly and awesome!

Come! Spam! Give me good things to wake up to!
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Guys! I have internet! Not only do I have internet but I have internet, electric, food (sort of) and all the stuff people need to live in an apartment.

Guys? I'm living in an apartment. By myself (for now anyway).

*glees and is damn proud she's not dead yet*

Sunday was spent moving everything here, unpacking and getting things organized. Then, once that was done, San, Kat and I got out the salt and started blessing the dishware and smoking cloves outside while it rained. It was...Kind of win. Several degrees of win, actually.

Yesterday I sat around waiting for the internet guy who didn't show but considering that most of the time was also spent listening to GNeil read audiobooks, I can't say it was that much of a disappointment.

Then, Sofu picked me up and took me back to the house so I could pick up Lord Henry, do a quick internet check (make sure I was still GETTING it) and we had dinner. Mmm, crab. My mother needs to have emotional breakdowns that end in food more often.

And today...Well, I have no idea what I'm doing today. I need to go out and get some things that I still don't have but kind of really need and then I'm just..Existing. We shall see.

I will take clear pictures of the apartment soon, since the ones I did take are kind of dodgy.
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So, I had a few minutes to kill while I wait for my mother to get back from getting her nails done and we leave the house for various reasons.

How do I kill time?

I write silly Alterverse fic for Sarah. XD

No one else besides Alex will get this but really, that' okay. All you need to know is the Doctor and the Master are slowly but steadily collecting Russians and caffeine somehow got involved.

I probably need to find better ways to spend my time )
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So, I have survived the fourth of July with no damage and gotten to see my fair share of pretty things that go boom. I have gotten hats, socks and will be acquiring a comfortable chairthing before the end of the month. My mother is being bizarrely nice to me. My girlfriend is coming tomorrow and not leaving until Wednesday. I will be seeing Rent on Tuesday. I will not be living in this house this time next month and I am going to start steadily writing again.

You know what guys? My life is pretty fucking good right now.
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Exciting points in my current existence:
- I have cookies. (White chocolate macadamia nut!)
- There's a good storm out.
- Star Trek film is in my fairly near future.
- As is Alex.
- Sofu isn't being batshit.
- Sleeping in as late as I have has been ridiculously nice.

I think today we were going to try and do something but I've no idea what that was. I may go out in a bit and see if she's got plans on leaving the house and, if not, I'm going to go curl up in my chair and zone out to music. Possibly write, if I feel so inclined but today is a music day. Music or just listening to the rain. Either one will be quite enjoyable.
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So, freezer wars continue.

Us: 1
Freezer: 3

....No, we're not going to talk about it.

My day has been filed with movies, hats and wholesome Nazi love.

Now I'm going to make coffee and life will be grant.
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I love having friends who feed me on a semi-regular basis. It makes getting nutrition easier.

Also? A slight variant of this is absolutely delicious and quickly becoming essential to my life.

I've also stabbed someone with a fork, played with my pets and had coffee. Today has been a good day. A good, tasty day.

Edit: Also, there was another battle of San vs freezer. I think this point has to go to the freezer though. It got her twice.

The Standings as of now:
Us: 1
Freezer: 1

Obviously there will have to be a tie-breaker sometime soon. Probably next time we go shopping.
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Freezer: 0
San and I: 1.

You, my icy friend, can blow me.

(Yes, we just spent a good fifteen minutes having an epic reorganization battle with the freezer. I dare anyone to tell me we don't know how to live.)
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So, I have a newnew layout thanks to the every-wonderful Sey. It pleases me way, WAY too much and just...Yes. It's pretty and lovely and I adore her for it. I think the only way it could be better is if it were Master/Oscar. XD

[livejournal.com profile] theformofstars GO. Look at it.

Classes have been okay. I've continued to dislike theater but thorougly enjoy my psych classes and think that comp is a waste of time.

And here, because it's that time of year again.

My Valentinr - theformofstars
Get your own valentinr
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So, does anyone have their old Animorphs books that they don't want? Because I'm craving, I'm craving really, really badly and my family SOLD MINE.

I will share something wonderful and glorious and fangirl-reducing if anyone can aid me in my endeavor*.

Well, okay, it may not reduce YOU to fangirlism but it's left San and I looking like overcaffeinated epileptics on speed.
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Yes, there is going to be spam tonight. I am terribly sorry.

San and I are sitting here and we both come to realize that we have the tune for the Enzyte commercials stuck in our heads. No idea why, just do.

Something has gone wrong somewhere but neither of us know what exactly it is.
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Things I have gained this weekend:
- Assurance that my mother is crazy
- The Serenity comic.
- Doctor Who: The Forgotten #6
- Momento
- Bright Lights, Big City.
- Seven new verses.
- The knowledge that there is a peaceful place to run to close by my house and an awesome place to get ice cream and milkshakes (and movies!).
- Many a good quote.
- New bits of writing on my Wall.
- I'm sure there are other things too, lots of them in fact, but I can't actually remember them at this very second. The point is that this weekend was win.
- Oh! We have chocolate sauce, whipped cream and cherries. Yummmmm.

The week so far has not been nearly as much fun as our weekend, I'm sad to say. Slept a lot, attended classes, wandered around Ybor City in the cold. I did remember to take pictures while I was doing it, so yay for that!

Yeah, not many interesting things to say, I'm afraid. Oh well.

And now a love meme.
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So, I now have a new OTP.

Simm!Master/Oscar Wilde.

And no, you really don't want to know to what extent this has been discussed.
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So, Daleks? Win.

Daleks bursting into rainbows and speaking in lolcats? Cracktastic lulzy win.

Oh yes, Sey is definitely made of brilliant sometimes.
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1) My girlfriend is a freak.. A complete and utter freak. I'm trying to figure out if that makes me love her more or question m own sanity.

the december wishes meme


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