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Screaming loud enough to turn back the wind. ([personal profile] whatawaytoburn) wrote2012-07-09 01:42 pm
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[Writing] To every person who has a story in their heart....

\I love you. I love your words, I love that you have tales to tell, I love that you have words in your head that need to be free.

You are a writer, you are a storyteller, you are someone who preforms miracles just by thinking up worlds.

You are a “real” writer. You are a real storyteller and damn those who tell you otherwise. You can sell you stories, you can tell them to your friends, you can put them up on blogs. It doesn’t matter, as long as you are writ9ing, as long as you are keeping those stories alive, you are a miracle worker.

And yes, stories have teeth, some of them bite and claw and tear at you. They are difficult and sometimes no one wants to see them but you but remember, they are stories all the same, they still want to be told.

So tell your stories, tell them every day, every other day, every week or month or year.

If there’s a story inside you, tell it. If there’s a yearning need to say things that aren’t true, weave those lies into something beautiful.

Tell y9our stories, all of you and I will never ask anything else of you,

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