whatawaytoburn: ([Drinks] A/S Smile)
Screaming loud enough to turn back the wind. ([personal profile] whatawaytoburn) wrote2012-07-07 10:42 pm

100 Prompts - 18 - And strum my fingers gently across your skin, like I was playing the slowest love

I won’t tell you I love you, never will. I don’t have the words for it, don’t have the vocabulary because I was never taught. The words stuck in my throat and get fuzzy in my brain.

I don’t understand this feeling, even though I know I should.

But I can touch you. I can sing songs into your skin, play you like a treasured instrument. I can make you feel the best you’ve ever felt and I’ll not regret it for a moment.

I want to, I want to know every part of you, to touch and feel you, to run my fingers through your hair and k9iss you on the mouth. I want to play you, to make you sing with the feelings of joy I pull out of you. I want that, all of it. I want you to be the most beautiful instrument I’ve ever played.

And maybe that’s not quite love, maybe that’s something different but it’s what I want, what I can put into words.

So maybe I can’t say i love you and for that, I am sorry, but I can do this. I can help you, I can make you sing.

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