Aug. 3rd, 2012

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So, the lovely [personal profile] thatrainbow made an awesome song while I was here. You can go listen to it right here.

It would be really awesome if you could buy it, as it's only a dollar and it would go to helping he and his wife get some money to live off of, even if it's not a lot, every little bit helps.

Spread the link around if you enjoy the music and thanks to anyone who buys it!
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And leave me prompts. Ideally for original proomts but if you'd like to know my fandoms, let me know and I will drop off a list.
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Notes: I don't even know where this one came from, I just know that this is what happens when I listen to filk and am sliiightly overcaffeinated.

I also feel like this should possibly be cut for potential triggers but I'm really not sure what those triggers are at the moment, so I'll just do it and come back to this post later with proper warnings.

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