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Leave meme prompts! Either writing prompts or drawing prompts and I will get to them over the week. I should be thinking of other things but I just...d0on't have the brain. I want to burr9ow in creativity and not come out until the world is better which is...probably not the answer but I don't know that I care.
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Notes: For A barga9in Must Be Made. I don't think this fits in the actual story or, if it does, it'll be to9warsds the end but I wanted to try and write something off of the prompt and I've been stuck on that story for a while now, so I thought doing something in the verse might help

Maybe he was crazy.

Maybe, after going back and forth, after losing so much blood, after drowning in magic and mayhem and a world not like his own, he finally lost it.

Callum looked down at the pages he'd written the accounts of his life, the story that claimed him, and he felt sick to his stomach. It felt like a dream now, a dream that clung hard to his memory and braided itself into them but still a dream all the same.

Could he have made it up? Could this have just been some nightmare that he feel too deeply into?

He looked down at himself, at the scars on his body, at his hands that shook just a little, almso9t constantly. He studied the room around him, a small quiet space filled with books and things no mortal person should have, and he listened. He listened for the noises that meant Ethan was awake, he still existed at all.

He heard them.

A sigh of relief escaped him after that, unintentional but there all the same. he may be crazy, no one may believe him and they could choose to take the account as a book of fiction but it didn't matter. He knew he wasn't Ethan knew he wasn't even...Even Tess knew, she knew better than anyone.

He twitched at the thought of her, of remembering her, but he tried to put it aside after that, pushing the thoughts away and going back to the paper.

"This is a story about loss," he reads to himself, wondering if the stark honesty is too much. After a moment, he shakes his head. It might have been, it could have been giving away too much at the beginning of the tale and yet, he felt like it should be said. A warning should be given, just in case, because this won't be everyone's kind of story, this won't be the one that they want toi go to sleep with.

At least he knows he never would. Then again, he didn't have a choice in the matter.


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