May. 10th, 2012

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Notes Content warning, hatred, lots of hatred towards trans people and just people in general. In [personal profile] roadtripofthedamned-verse. This is not the letter that follows the previous one. I don't know where this one fits in.

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So, if anyone knows of the SF Squeecast and the Outer Alliance podcasts, you know they are both awesome. I ahve been consuming both of them quite a lot and it leavesme really, really wanting to do something along those same lines.

What I would love to have in a podcast:
- Enthusiasm on things we love
- QUILTBAG themed things, either things about ourselves, about media or anything else.
- Media we love
- On the writing life, what it's like to be trying to make it as a small time/aspiring writer
- Possibly other things.

But you get the gist of what I am going for. At least I hope you do. If anyone's interested, comment here and let me know, it would be awesome if we could do something every few weeks or so, depending on how people's schedules are and, if nothing eolse, it could be a revolving table of people if enough folks have interest but can't make it all the time.

((([personal profile] thatrainbow and [personal profile] mortalcity I would love you two to get in on this one. For the writing, for the media love and, if nothing else, could I get you two for the Seanan McGuire Special, where we squee madly about the awesome that is Seanan?)


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