May. 4th, 2012

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Note: Set in [community profile] atricksterwind-verse. These are the girls and damnit, one day I am going to write their story. One day. Maybe., *si8gh.

She loves fiercely. She loves with claws and teeth and hands and fur. She loves with every part of her, with every fiber of her being. She loves with her mouth and her feet and her stomach and her chest.

She loves wholeheartedly and with reckless abandon.


She doesn't understand love. It confuses her. The constriction in her chest when the girl approaches her, the flutter of her newly acquired heartbeat. Her hands shake and her mouth goes dry. She wants to step closer and back away at the same time. She doesn't understand any of this, doesn't understand why her thoughts are racing, why her stomach seems to be caught in a whirlwind, why, when she looks at her, everything else stops mattering, even her skin, even how wrong she is.

She doesn't know how to love but she thinks she might be willing to learn.


When they kiss, it's like two forces of nature meeting one another. One is all heat and passion and fire. She is a firestorm whirling around and sucking in anything that crosses it's path. She is love in passion, love in ferocity, love in aggression. She knows what she is and she is proud of it.

And the other? Is a breeze, fickle and nervous but still there. She can be strong, can topple buildings down, can tear the world apart but right now? She doesn't understand the power she has, doesn't understand that she can do more than make the leaves dance.


You watch the girls kiss, one with long, auburn hair and tanned skin. She looks like she spent a lot of time in the sun and you smile a little. You wonder where she been been and where she's going, for she has the air of a traveler about her. The other girl is pale, almost sickly but not quite. Her dark hair falls from her shoulders and she seems almost unsure of what she's doing until her lips meet that of the other girl. Then she relaxes into the kiss, lets herself melt into it.

You only look for a second before moving on. There's something about the kiss, something powerful and strange, that you don't entirely understand and despite thinking it's sweet, you can't help but move on quickly.


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