May. 2nd, 2012

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So, I love podfic. I love podfic because I like the experience of having someone tell me a story, I like it because I like seeing the spins people put on words that I have read for myself and I like ti because I am actually legally blind and sometimes it's the best way for me to consume fic.

So yes, I have a bias towards podfic.

Anyway, my brain said I should take this love for podfic and do something useful with it. So, in honor o9f 3W4DW, I thought I would do a podfic meme!

Come here and either:
A) Offer to record something for someone or...
B) Leave your AO3/fic journal/certain fic you would love to see read out loud and see if anyone would be interested in reading it.

If you're going for option A) please leave fandoms, ratings, types of fic you prefer/are not interested in and anything else you'd like people to9 know.

If you're going for option B, leave the link to your fic/fics, what fandom, what rating and any trigger warnings people need to be aware of.

Pleasepleaseplease spread this around and hopefully it will take off!
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There is a Love Meme going around! *spins* Yaaay love meme!

And now, I am going to try not to pass out in bed, despite taking my caffeine pill. I am just suuuuper out of it today.


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