Apr. 21st, 2012

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*does a dance of joy* Finished Daughter Of Smoke And Bone!

Not my favorite book in the world but good enough that I think I would rec it to certain people who i thought could be interested in it. I think, if I liked the main character more, I could possibly re-read this but she just...didn't really jive with me, I did however, like just about everyone else and the fact that it was not set in the US or UK and some of the mythology and some spoilery things that I won't mention here.

Also, the acknowledgments were absolutely adorable. <3
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Because people were all too brilliant to [personal profile] chasethecloudsaway, I have decided to do a free three card draw day. For the net twenty four hours ending at 8:30 EST tomorrow I will happily pull cards for either the Tarot OF Trees or the Cats Eye Tarot.

I'm not asking for donation or anything, not this time. People have been more than kind to us lately and this is just my way of giving back.


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