Apr. 20th, 2012

whatawaytoburn: ([Words] Won't sleep for days)
Things I need to do this weekend:
- Do RP tags
- Finish the tarot/Do a three card draw day.
- Go through edits.
- Write the Cabin Pressure Exchange fic.
- Look through zombie fest prompts.
- Clean my room.
- Start planning for people's gifts.
- Determine what I am doing about Rory.
- Work on Bargains
- Start writing for 100 Things

Which is not bad considering the list I started out with on Monday. I wish I had gotten more done but well, I always wish I had gotten more done. Plus I added two things on there that hadn't been on the previous list, so you know.

I should look into caffeine or a nap. I've been up for nearly 12 hours after only getting about five hours of real sleep, so caffeine and/or naps ought to happen, though I had two caffeine pills already today, so maybe it should be sleep.

I just...want to stay up and plot for Bargains. And possi8bly start writing for prompts. And listen to music. And not have to bloody sleep.
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- Sometimes touching hurts. When I say don't do it, don't do it. In contract, sometimes touching is craved, if I come up to you and look open to it, please touch me because I'm not going to be able to ask you to do it.
- Just because my tone sounds disinterested doesn't mean I feel that way.
- Just because I sound interested, doesn't mean I feel that way.
- Noise hurts, don't look at me funny when I start wincing because of a siren.
- Don't be offended when I don't feel like faking eye contact. I probably can't tell where your eyes are anyway.
- Just because I am crying doesn't mean I want to talk about it.
- Just because I'm not saying anything doesn't mean I want to be quiet.
- When you think I'm acting differently, that's probably because you're not dealing with me.
- Please don't pretend to be open when you're not.
- I am a very good liar and I can fake it damn well. If you're wondering what 'it' is, that's pretty much everything.
- No, I'm not in the mood to have the headmates/identity conversation. I am never in the mood to have the headmates/identity conversation.
- Do not use female pronouns unless I give the okay first. If you insist upon doing so, it is only going to make me harbor a strong resentment towards you. Fuck what I look like, listen to what I am telling you I am.
- Please don't ask me about my sex life/belief system unless I seem open to it. If you are related to me, I am never open to it.
- If you know I'm starting to go into a phase of not eating, please don't tell me that the drop in weight looks good on me.
- I am not always bitter and angry at you, even if it may seem that way. I am willing to engage in conversation and even joke around, just try and treat me how I want to be treated.
- I don't mock your name, don't mock mine. And no, birth names are not 'true' names.

This message brought to you by the fact that I have been dealing with my family quite heavily for the past few days and William has had to do everything in his his power to keep me from gnawing on babies.


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