Apr. 18th, 2012

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So, I am apparently doing things that make me happy and stories off of the pr9mpt post. This is fine by me, as I put down things that I was sure I could do.

I'm probably going to start it after I get the Cabin Pressure fic I need to get done completed but yes! Things! Things have been decided. That is exciting.
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Since I am doing prompts 9off of the prompt post, I thought I would link to it, in case anyone would like to add to it.

Prmpt poooost

Anyway, feel free to leave any sort of prompts, lyric/word/kink/phrase/pairing/whatever. I can work with just about anything. I know iI have a ton to get to but well, that is the point of doing this. So feelf ree to add to the pile

..yes, Mor. You count in this. XD <3
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Not written for 100 things but the first thing I've written this week, which was exciting aand I figured I would share bcause...i am in the mood to share? And I need to do something with my time and this seemed like a good enough thing to do.

I don't know. i was going to say blame something but I don't know what to blame.

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