Apr. 14th, 2012

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Holy hand grenades, whatever was in the drugs my mother gave me last night knocked me out. I slept for fifteen hours with a few moments of waking up but no. Sleep. Aaaaall the sleep.

Unfortunately, I feel really clouded and unable to focus because of the drugs but we are going to try only giving me half a pill tonight and see where that gets me.
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I considered filtering this but that would severely limit who could help out and I don't want to do that right now.

My partner [personal profile] chasethecloudsaway is graduating from community college next month and trying to enroll in USF. This would be fine and good but they need money to actually graduate and to pay the fee for submitting an application to the schoo9l.

From what I know, they need eighty dollars. Through the kindness of others, I have already got half that but I would like to try and get the rest and, if possible, a little extra to help them get to and fro various places via buss/take care of rent/general life money.

They do work a job, I should say that now, but the job doesn't pay much and between rent and helping out with their family.

I can't offer much but here's what I can give in return if you are willing to help us out:
- Tarot readings (I still owe some people readings, those people do not count in this)
- Writing (Stories poems, whatever you'd like. I can write it up and email it to you or I could scrawl it out and mail it to you).
- Mail (The aforementioned writing is an option but I don't mind looking around and seeing what interesting things i have laying about the house and making a small package for you. I have a lot of random things that I'd be happy to put into a small package for someone, if they wanted a mystery box.)
- Candles (not made from scratch but candles with interesting things melted into the was)
- I have a *bunch* of BPAL that I could make a list of and offer up, if anyone would be interested.
- Uhm....Gosh, I am sure there are other th9ings but I am not sure at the moment. I'm afraid I am not horribly crafty but if you can think of something you want that is simple, I will try it.

Any amount of money will earn you something interesting from me, as I understand that some people can't afford to donate more than three dollars or so. Any help at all is appreciated though, thus I am willing to work on any of the above for whatever you are willing to donate.

Thank you so, so much for your help and please, if you are willing to signal boost, do so, as I am really hoping to get the word out and get the money before the end of the month.


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