Apr. 13th, 2012

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So may of us want something more, something better, a world to call our own. I'm not saying we'll get it after I make this post but I thought...>I thought I would really get a headcount to see how many of us actually want that. Want a different life, a better one, a life built out of something better than what we ahve.

Life where we can be our strange, lovely, fierce, monstrous, bizarre selves.

If you are a monster, stand up....

Anyway, just comment here if you want it, if you have any desire to really try. I might...I don't know, try and make a list of resources we've got between all of us. See what can be done to attain our goals. It's better than sitting around, right?

And, if you know other people, other monsters, other myths, other creatures that don't fit in, that want this too, pass it along. I was going to lock this but that's not fair, It's closing off resources and could be hurting people who desperately need a place to go.
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1) We've not gotten mail in two days, I do not know why but it is kind of irritating me.

2) I've been slacking in my reading over at [community profile] rainbowfic. This is sad, as there are some good stories over there.

3) [personal profile] chasethecloudsaway has given me ALL THE PROMPTS! Seriously, all of them. You? Have no prompts, I have them all.

4) Persephone is getting on well, she'[s a sweetie and adorable and loves on me when I need it.

5) I've been needing it a lot lately to keep me sane with this current bout of insomnia. Fuck this insomnia, fuck it hard. My aunt says Benadryl and I am getting close to caving in and buying some, because five hours is the MOST I've gotten unmedicated and that will not do.

6) I love my people, I love them all, I love their oddness, I love their charms, I love the way they shimmer and shine. I love their darkness and I love their light. I love them so, so much.

7) I have a writing hat, there will be pictures at one point but I am lazy and don't want to pull them up now.

8) I either need to get Morgan to start betaing again or find a backup beta. Between posting at [community profile] rainbowfic and the various fanfic that has been being produced, I could really use it. I don't ahve the eyes for catching things and maybe if I used a screen reader I would be better but I don't and I see things how they're supposed to beck, not how they are, so I basically fail at betaing my own stuff.

9) William has been feeding me all day. Rolls and mac and cheese and hot dogs and all manner of food. He got annoyed with me last night and decided to embrace his role of 'Person in our group who makes sure we don't die' and has been making us eateateat to make up for yesterday where all we had was a taco and some cheese.

10) I actually had a last thing I was going to say but I don't remember what it is, so uhm...Zombies are love? No wai8t, I'm not Seanan. cats are love? Words are love? Monsters are love? Books are love3? Lots of things are love, take your pic and run with it.


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