Apr. 12th, 2012

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Secret: I sometimes entertain the thought of cosplaying Sherlock just to have a non-white, non-cis version of the character out there. It would make me happy.

I just...so do not have the body type. >
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Need help? Come ask and see if you can't find someone to help you out.

In other news, I am still sleeping like hell and I am caffeinated to keep myself functional. I was going to write but I seem to ahve gotten distracted with Twitter and the internet and plotting out this Sherlock outfit.

And singing. I keep singing for some reason and forgetting how much fun i have doing it.

Anyway, more interesting updates will come later. Oh! How would people feel about antoehr confessions post coming up? I'm considering making it a monthly or every two months or something like that. Just so people have a place to get stuff of their chests and so on. I feel like it might be good.
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I said I would put this up again since people seemed to use it a fair bit last time. The theme is the same, if you have something you need to say but can't say it for whatever reason, you can say it here, anon and find a place of safety to say it in.

No one will get judged for what they have to say, though I do ask that, if you have triggery topics, you mention them in the subject line.


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