Feb. 22nd, 2012

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So, I recorded things today.

Two poems that [personal profile] avia wrote and then two poems that go together on identity.

I will be getting back to comments and getting to tags tomorrow Hopefully with a clear head and a nice empty house to do things in. *crosses fingers*
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SO, things have got my brain thinking lately and I want to talk about kink.

More specifically I want to celebrate kink.

We all have what turns us on. We all have what we love. Some of us experience it through real life, some of us fiction and art and vids and other things.

[community profile] kink_bingo is a beautiful thing.

I just thought that today, just for a while, we could revel in those kinks. We talk about them, say what we like about them, say what we don't like about them. Celebrate them for what they are.

You can do it anon if you like and you can say as much or as little as you want but the point is here that there should be no shame, no guilt for what you are into. You should dance in it, spin in it, be happy you enjoy what you enjoy, even if its dark, even if some people might look at you and say "Dude, that's fucked up."

It doesn't matter

Because as long as you are experiencing that kink safely then no one has the right to give a fuck.

So come on, give me a babble, give me an essay or just give me a comment saying "Fuck me, do I love being tied up and gagged.


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