Feb. 21st, 2012

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Your strange, crazy, awesome self.

That's what my partner said to me today. They said that;s what I should be.

My strange, crazy, awesome self.

I know this might seem odd but after having a few days of utter suck, it's strange to hear someone --anyone-- say those words to me.

Because they're not saying be your normal self, be your average self, be your typical self.

They're saying be your awesome self. Your strange, wonderful, beautiful, queer, bizarre, odd self.

They're saying be myself.



And I don't know, I don't think people hear that enough. I don't think people do it enough. I don't think people remember how to do it enough because they''re always in the sort of company that doesn't allow it.

But today, when I go to bed (which should be in a few minutes) I am going to go to bed with those words echoing in my head and tomorrow, when I wake up, I hope to wake with them echoing in my head.

So to you, you and you, I say be yourself. be you r bright, shadowing, sparking, dark, feathery, dancing,, awesome,, amazing, brilliant, bold, shy brash, awkward, stunning self.
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I do hope [personal profile] smw does not mind me stealing this, I just rather think it's a good idea and will be happy to do this with anyone who wants to say something to me.

Do you have something you want to talk about? It doesn't have to be a scandalous or secretive topic -- it can be a frippery, a conversation built around something pretty, a question of prose or writing, a recounting of something that happened in your life which you want to laugh or complain about. If so, message me, and we can shoot the breeze for a while.

If you want to do it anon, I am fine with that. We can have conversation in the comments with you being anon and me being me. If you want to PM me that's fine too or, if you'd rather not do either of those things, PM me and I will give you my AIM name and we can chat there.


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