Feb. 19th, 2012

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Confession: It was a bad day yesterday.

Confession: I took more pills than I was supposed to yesterday.

Confession: I still woke up this morning still feeling bad.

Confession: I am going to lie and smile and pretend that it wasn't that bad a day, even if it was.

What's a confession you have in your head waiting to get out. Something small or something big. May it be a murder or may be it a mishap that took place, just something Let me know I'm not the only one to confess to something.

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It's not a good day, which is probably why I am doing this. But...I don't know.

I want to give a chance for people to de-friend me, or back off or do whatever it is they need to or feel like doing.

I am not stable. I want to be but I'm not. I'm not stable and I'm not good at being a rock and I c rack and break and splinter.

I love with other people in my head and they keep me together. They are the reason I am alive but I know some people don't like to know that. It's true though, I do not exist alone.

I do not identify as human. I have wings and a tail and pointy ears. I am cat and I a firebird and these things are a part of me as much as anything else.

I am learning about my belief system in strange ways. Through writing and tr8ial and error and simply going to thing sand seeing what I a drawn to. Some people might consider this making it up.

I am gender-fluid. I am poly.. I am kinky. I am a pet. I am demisexual. Someone could take issue with any of these things and just not want to say something.

I am....God, i a so much that someone might not like. I am depressed.. I am fucked up. I believe that self harm is all right, I believe that you have your right to choose when you end your life, as long as you are sound of ind when you do so. I believe.....I am.....I don't know.

I just know that I am far from perfect. I know I am broken and wrong and I feel like I should give people the chance to leave this journal if they want to. It's not fair for them to stay if they feel ab obligation, or if I trigger them or anything. I don't know.

Hi, my name is Charley and I'm not functioning right now, pay no mind to me unless you want to take advantage of this.
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Because I have been a rabbit of negative euphoria today, I've decided to put this up. I recorded it....Yesterday? Possibly the day before yesterday. I'm not really sure. Downswings make the world beed together. But oh wel.

This was written by my ovely Morgan and the original text can be found here: http://chasethecloudsaway.dreamwidth.org/35424.html?thread=127840#cmt127840

For all of us who are having a shit day


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