Jan. 14th, 2012

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So, the Fandom Snowflake and [personal profile] petra in particular got me thinking. I kind of want to do a meme that is looking for readers for original fiction.

A fair few of us write it, either posting to journals with membership or keeping it to ourselves but having readers would be wonderful and probably a help to us. I was thinking that I could maybe lure all of you out of the woodwork to come here, post who you are and a little bit about your works and then we could all share and friend each other and make it a big circle of helpfulness!

So! If you're interested, leave a comment below! with:

Your name:
What genres you write:
What genres you read:
Contact info:
What works you're looking to have read:
If you'd be willing to read over the commenters work:
Whether you would beta or not:
Anything else you can think of that I have yet to mention:

Remember, this isn't looking for betas so much as it is looking for an audience, though if you happen to find betas, that's awesome too! I just thought it might be nice to have people reading what you write!

Note: Okay, so several people are rather twitchy about fandom things being connected too the original writing. I get this,, it makes sense. SO what I was thinking that this can be a post to determine if there is enough interest to start up a reading/critique/commenting group that would be A) private and B) be partly a soc ial thing and have people get to know each other before thye start posting the stuff they want to show off and such.

I don't know, I'm still working out the ideas in my head. You get the theme of this post though, linking people with other people and original fiction.


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