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Prompts and writing commss/journals. There was supposed to be other things too but it's mostly prompts and writing lists at this point.

The misc comm:
[community profile] bringmetotheharvest

And The Devil Makes Three - The one with angels (shock and awe), teashops, writers, artists, wars and where no one is entirely functional:
[community profile] andthedevilmakesthree

Mother Of Light, Father Of Night - The story of Death's daughter, various personifacations and the journey she goes through to get her bother and father back from the dangers in which they got themselves into:
[community profile] forgivememyheart

Take Back The City - The one with attempts to make a submissive angel into a speculative fiction hero. Also, faeries, strippers, immortals and Death.:
[community profile] inthecitylights

It's Just The Radio Darling - The one where words have power, swing music lives in a young girl's heart and mutes are looked down upon:
[community profile] itsjusttheradio

Roadtrip of the Damned - The one with roadtrips, ghosts, faeries, saints, seasons, zombies and tasks:
[profile] roadtripfothedamned

Book Of Thursdays - the one about an eroti8c fiction writing club and their every day lives.:
[community profile] bookofthursdays

Up Jumped the Devil - Follows the exploits of an angelic family who work in nonviolent crime. A very, very large angelic family. It goes through the late 1800's to now and the family itself, the people the family adopts and how the family slowly but surely makes a name fore itself in the supernatural underground
[community profile] upjumpedthedevil

The coyote and statue girls - The one where girls fall in love, travel and learn how to be things that they are not:
[community profile] atricksterwind

Percpetionverse - The one where the angels have BDSM undertones, angels passing through the walls and people work in pairs:
[community profile] lookforthesky

The Personifacations - The one with ALL the personifactions. All of them. Every one.
[community profile] decidewhoweare

The Mundanes - The one where the angels control the coffee you drink and your keyboard and your bed...:
[community profile] intothewalls

Verses Without Journals:
Sanctuary: A sanctuary located in the Nevernever, the land between reams. It houses runaways from all places, Faerie, Heaven, Hell, the human realm, the places the Seasons live, everywhere. No one knows who started it but it is a safe haven, at least most of the tie, and it's grounds are meant to be a place of comfort.. it's just not aways true.

The Circus: A circus that runs on souls that are picked up by an indentured angel of death. There's magic there,a ll kinds of magic and some of it is wonderful but some of it has edges. And the bonfire, oh the bonfire, now that's something you have to watch out for.

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