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Prompts and writing commss/journals. There was supposed to be other things too but it's mostly prompts and writing lists at this point.

The misc comm:
[community profile] bringmetotheharvest

And The Devil Makes Three - The one with angels (shock and awe), teashops, writers, artists, wars and where no one is entirely functional:
[community profile] andthedevilmakesthree

Mother Of Light, Father Of Night - The story of Death's daughter, various personifacations and the journey she goes through to get her bother and father back from the dangers in which they got themselves into:
[community profile] forgivememyheart

Take Back The City - The one with attempts to make a submissive angel into a speculative fiction hero. Also, faeries, strippers, immortals and Death.:
[community profile] inthecitylights

It's Just The Radio Darling - The one where words have power, swing music lives in a young girl's heart and mutes are looked down upon:
[community profile] itsjusttheradio

Roadtrip of the Damned - The one with roadtrips, ghosts, faeries, saints, seasons, zombies and tasks:
[profile] roadtripfothedamned

Book Of Thursdays - the one about an eroti8c fiction writing club and their every day lives.:
[community profile] bookofthursdays

Up Jumped the Devil - Follows the exploits of an angelic family who work in nonviolent crime. A very, very large angelic family. It goes through the late 1800's to now and the family itself, the people the family adopts and how the family slowly but surely makes a name fore itself in the supernatural underground
[community profile] upjumpedthedevil

The coyote and statue girls - The one where girls fall in love, travel and learn how to be things that they are not:
[community profile] atricksterwind

Percpetionverse - The one where the angels have BDSM undertones, angels passing through the walls and people work in pairs:
[community profile] lookforthesky

The Personifacations - The one with ALL the personifactions. All of them. Every one.
[community profile] decidewhoweare

The Mundanes - The one where the angels control the coffee you drink and your keyboard and your bed...:
[community profile] intothewalls

Verses Without Journals:
Sanctuary: A sanctuary located in the Nevernever, the land between reams. It houses runaways from all places, Faerie, Heaven, Hell, the human realm, the places the Seasons live, everywhere. No one knows who started it but it is a safe haven, at least most of the tie, and it's grounds are meant to be a place of comfort.. it's just not aways true.

The Circus: A circus that runs on souls that are picked up by an indentured angel of death. There's magic there,a ll kinds of magic and some of it is wonderful but some of it has edges. And the bonfire, oh the bonfire, now that's something you have to watch out for.
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I will take reasons you think I'm awesome. <3

I have nothing else to say or ask you, but here's prompts to start with and I will be back with more later, probably.

I tell you this
to break your heart,
by which I mean only
that it break open and never close again
to the rest of the world.

I'm sorry. We know how it works. The world is no longer mysterious

She would be invisible, of course. No one would hear her. And nothing has happened, really, that hasn't happened before.

This is where the story starts, in this threadbare room.

Hurry now, it's getting late. I don't know if this is a happy ending but here we are let loose in open fields.

because we are all so helplessly in love
with the light

We believed we could make something
in the dark.

I tell it, realizing as I speak that this is the most wonderful thing imaginable, "I know your name."

I have died for the smallest things.
Nothing washes off.

They're all dead and I have nowhere to invent stories about and nowhere to escape to.

Indeed, just about any stranger could have turned up nine months later. We might as well have left the door unlocked.

So now I've written it down, all of it. I don't care if there's craziness in it. I've learned that crazy things might be the truest things of all. You don't believe me? Doesn't matter. Tell yourself it's just a story, nothing more.

It's a total lie to say there's only one person you're going to be with for the rest of your life.
If you're lucky--and if you try really hard--there will always be more than one.

If you love books enough, books will love you back.

If you can't feel it, it must be real.

I think people should be allowed to do anything they want. We haven't tried that for a while. Maybe this time it'll work.

Give me an hour and I'll give you your dreams

Told me that he loved me so I sang him songs

Mine was a relatively easy tragedy

The most dangerous moment in any story is the beginning.

Did you think I wouldn’t notice that you’re cheating?
Do you not understand that stories have rules?

(Please be human to me).

It is the unremarkable that will last.

This is not fantasy, this is our life.

They didn't have to die so that these things could happen. And these things didn't happen because they died. They're just all connected.

Perhaps people write novels simply because they do not know how to compose letters, or vice-versa.

You can't trust anyone. Not even yourself.

I'm better at dreaming than living

And I'm older and wiser than you'll ever know
And if you believe that then it's time I should go
'Cause I'm just as confused and more twisted

If you want a future, darlin',
Why don't you get a past?

Preserve your memories
They're all that's left you

The old days are gone, the days of vim and vigour, what's to come is still unsure.

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More prompts.

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Not very many for this set, though. I may ccome back and forth to this the rest of the weekend, if I can come up with things to poke for promtps.

WC Polyverse: One of them is in the hospital, how does everyone deal with it?

I want to see what you'd get from Little Red Riding Hood (Youtube), but I can't find a particular lyric to pull, so just have the whole song as a prompt.

Sometimes is never quite enough
If you're flawless, then you'll win my love

I confessed my darkest deeds to an envious man

We all had our reasons to be there, we all had a thing or two to learn
We all needed something to cling to, so we did
We all had delusions in our head, we all had our minds made up for us
We had to believe in something, so we did

Would you forgive me love if I danced in your shower
Would you forgive me love if I laid in your bed
Would you forgive me love if I stay all afternoon

Like any uncharted territory, I must seem greatly intriguing
You speak of my love like you have experienced love like mine before

We find you totally innocent
Which is the worst crime of all

Beginnings are contagious there

There will always be wars and rumors of wars

And for the first one:
Take a picture from a space you like to exist in.
Take a picture of something beautiful you see every day.
Take a picture of something that makes you feel good.

Re: More prompts.

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Some quotes, some pretty pictures, some neat 3D street art. hopefully something in here will inspire you. <3

I've heard of a documented case where a man and woman met, fell in love, and lived happily ever after.

They are my heroes.
(Sometimes I hate them.)

It would be a hundred times easier if you didn’t care so much.
Maybe you should try that.

If you watch a writer in a coffee shop, you won’t be particularly impressed by her work. You might not even notice that she’s working. The external act of writing is a mundane thing. It is quiet, often deathly so.
You have to slice a writer in half to reveal the invisible truth.

If you could see yourself, just for a day, you'd see how everyone else sees you. And my god, you are fucking beautiful.























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Just the one that I forgot in the last batch.

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My mother was a spinner of tales
My father a dreaming man
And I have swung on the dragon's tongue
And danced on holy land
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This is apparently going to be my open prompt post until I get uncomfortable leaving prompts here.

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I think you should write me a White Collar/Burn Notice crossover with Alex/Fi. Because I just keep coming back to wanting it.
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One quote, and couple of whole songs I want to see you write off.

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Look around you when you next take a seat on a crowded bus. The girl sitting next to you could quite easily be one of the soulless.

Being Alive

Bring On the Wonder

Five Years Time (Youtube)

When I Was a Boy (Youtube)
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Because I can and they were there.

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And people will smile without reason,
Even in winter, even in the rain.

All I ever wanted you to do was feel this feeling. Be this way. Exhale the sky.

There's nothing wrong with this.
There's nothing true about this.

And I would love to give you the song properly for this one, but because I cannot find it anywhere online, just have the lyrics, because I'm interested to see if you can do anything with them, in whole or in part.

Kiss me my laughing lover, dance for the joy that binds us
I am the fertile seed which gives life to all the Earth
Kiss me my laughing lover, dance for the joy that binds us
I am the force of clay from which all things take their shape
Kiss me my laughing lover, dance for the joy that binds us
I am the root which draws all power up from the Earth
Kiss me my laughing lover, dance for the joy that binds us
I am the endless cave where all ancient mysteries dwell
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Don’t leave now.
We have almost
our lives.
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In a city where death can be temporary, lunatic murderers are not treated with especial respect.
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But no one believes travellers' tales, do they?
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The simple joys of villainy.
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From the past couple of Please Find This.

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Please don't open your eyes.
The world is wrong today.
I don't want you to see it.
Those dreams of burning cars, of bankers crying in the streets, of the earth shaking, they're not dreams.
Just stay warm for now.
Just for a little while now.
Before it hits.
Before it takes.

The first stain happened when your hand first touched mine.
The second is black pen ink.

...the name of a feeling I made up and then wrote down.

When no one's around, I practice saying the words you'll never hear.
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Glass and concrete and stone
It is just a house, not a home.

You think you like to be normal
You think you're in control

Kiss me, kiss me a lot,
As if tonight were the last time
Kiss me, kiss me a lot,
For I'm scared to lose you, to lose you afterwards

Well it's so good, I didn't have to make it.
It's so good I didn't have to break it.

Right from the start I only wanted to please you, didn't mean to kill you.

The things you think are precious
I can't understand

You been tellin' me you're a genius
Since you were seventeen
In all the time I've known you
I still don't know what you mean

The things that pass for knowledge
I can't understand

He was something to observe
Came in close, I heard a voice
Standing, stretching, every nerve
Had to listen, had no choice
I did not believe the information
I just had to trust imagination
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I get holding yourself apart from the world, I do. I once went six whole days without talking to a single human being. I wasn’t even trying, just happened. Best six days of my life… But even I can’t stay in that place. You can’t. No one can.
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I am so grateful for that terrible, terrible accident.

Love conquers all, let us too yield to love.

I hate to imagine what the rest of your plan was.
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Spamming you with prompts needs to not become a way I distract myself.

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WC!Polyverse: Everybody dance. All lovers dance.

I'm saying a prayer in many languages.

I'd finish you if I could. But every time I try to read you, I lose my place.

I do the dumbest things for you
Why do I do the dumbest things for you?
I would be safer on my own
I didn't care, you were the most exciting thing I'd ever known
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Because I started singing it when I looked at the time

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Three AM on a Tuesday, I have too much time to think

He's got nothing left to show
But a pocket watch and a memory
Of a kiss out in the snow
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Tell me a story about a book club that meets in a bar. Because it was on a sitcom and it makes me smile.
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It's just your ghost passing through

He deals the cards as a meditation
And those he plays never suspect
He doesn't play for the money he wins
He doesn't play for the respect
He deals the cards to find the answer
The sacred geometry of chance
The hidden law of probable outcome
The numbers lead a dance

And if I told you that I loved you
You'd maybe think there's something wrong
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You should feel free to tell me to knock it off if I'm giving you too much. XD

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Come by the hills to the land where legend remains
The stories of old fill our hearts and may yet come again

I don't want to end up simply having visited this world.
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Do you mind if I sit here down beside your graveside
And rest for a while 'neath the warm summer sun

And we're still at it in our own place
Still trying to reach the future through the past
Still trying to carve tomorrow from a tombstone
But hey, don't listen to me
This wasn't meant to be no sad song
We've heard too much of that before
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And I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time
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A visit to the Museum of Mistakes. (Mostly I want something off the caption but I thought I'd provide the post anyay.)

Because the middle of adventure’s such a perfect place to start.

And then we'll live happily ever after?
Oh, much longer than that.

And I really liked this Please Find This a few different ways and couldn't decide whetehr to give it to you in bits or in whole, so feel free to use the whole thing, or parts, or whatever inspires you:

This City Has a Lullabye
This is a city of sleepwalkers.
That never sleep.
Those are the sounds that pull you out of bed.
These are the hands that rock the world to sleep.
There's nothing to be afraid of in a dream.
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A good question, not a wise one.

May I walk the steps ahead of me one at a time, not wondering if there's a map.
May I say the things that fix things, not break them further apart.

Sometimes I stop and laugh and think "and these are my actual life choices".

I only want to know people who are dynamic, intelligent, and totally insane.

False alarm. Still invincible.

Gentlemen uncover the deep truths of the earth in the thick smoke of that room. The world is set to rights before morning.

There is a world that exists behind every mirror.

You dream of a forest, and the forest is hungry.

You do not feel tired, or sore, or scared, or particularly alive.

Watch for wells, and the things inside them.

Hello there little key… what do you open?

Each card is an opportunity.

These two I mostly just thought you'd appreciate, but I will not complain if things come from them. XD

A little grey cat, lurking in the library for either secrets or pets.

The starveling cat! The starveling cat! On a throne of wicked books it sat!

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